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The approved plan for the revitalization of light industry proposes to increase the export tax rebate rate of 631 light industrial products up to 13% and increase financial, tax and credit support for small and medium-sized light industrial enterprises

in the light industry adjustment and revitalization plan deliberated and approved in principle at the executive meeting of the State Council yesterday, microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens were included in the category of home appliances to the countryside for the first time. At the same time, the plan proposes to cancel the restrictions on the processing trade of some labor-intensive products and their environmental requirements for current transmission, as well as products with high technical content and energy conservation and environmental protection, and increase the export tax rebate rate of 631 light industrial products to a maximum of 13%

food safety is included in key supervision

Lu Zheng, director of the Institute of industrial economics of the Academy of Social Sciences, who participated in the planning discussion, told the daily economy that the focus of the planning is to deal with the financial crisis and revitalize the domestic light industry market. The plan first proposes to actively expand urban and rural consumption and increase effective domestic supply; At the same time, improve foreign trade services and maintain export market share. It is reported that the export tax rebate rate of some commodities will return to the level before july1,2007. Lu Zheng said that the products increased this time accounted for 1/3 of the total products decreased in 2007, mainly focusing on some products with large export scale, large international market share and long industrial chain

the key points of the plan are strong experimental force, which has more accurately adjusted the food safety problems, proposed to rectify the food processing industry, raise the access threshold, improve the recall and delisting system, and strengthen the punishment for the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling fake and inferior products. At the same time, the plan puts forward requirements for comprehensively improving the quality of light industrial products

Lu Zheng said that the plan mainly emphasizes the safety of dairy products and beverages. The food industry accounts for a large proportion in the light industry and has broad prospects for development. However, after the Sanlu incident, consumers have doubts about the safety of food, which directly affects the operation of food enterprises. Therefore, the plan emphasizes the supervision of food

small household electrical appliance enterprises usher in a good opportunity for development

the plan proposes to further expand the subsidy varieties of "home appliances to the countryside", include microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens into the subsidy scope, and relax the restriction that each household can only buy one set of each type of product to two sets. Lu Zheng explained that microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens are power-saving products, which are suitable for the unstable power in rural areas, especially in rural areas where there is no natural gas and other energy, which is good for improving the living standards of farmers. In addition, the domestic output of microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens is very large, and the export is blocked. Going to the countryside helps to digest the production capacity

shenwenjian, a famous domestic household appliance expert, also said that expanding the subsidy varieties of "household appliances to the countryside" is an effective measure to actively expand urban and rural consumption and increase effective domestic supply

it is understood that many small household electrical appliance enterprises have achieved new development in this cold winter, which is different from the dilemma faced by many electric power enterprises, such as the prominent experimental machine technology of Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd. Some experts said that the total market volume of domestic small household appliances will not decline in 2009 and will remain basically the same as last year. Because the price of small household appliances is highly acceptable to the public, and with the improvement of people's living standards, small household appliances such as life and kitchen will also see new growth. However, Shen Wenjian also stressed that the policy has played a role in promoting small household appliance enterprises, but it mainly benefits small household appliance leading enterprises, such as Midea, Galanz, SHUAIKANG, etc., while some small household appliance enterprises with unstable quality and imperfect service network will not benefit soon

hongshibin, a senior commentator in the small household appliance industry, believes that many powerful enterprises will use the accumulated resources to increase investment in the market and eliminate a number of weak small enterprises

technological transformation promotes the transfer of four industries

the light industry revitalization plan also proposes to accelerate technological progress, focus on promoting equipment autonomy and industrialization of key technologies, and accelerate the technological transformation of papermaking, household appliances, plastics and other industries. We will establish an industrial withdrawal mechanism to promote energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection

Lu Zheng said that the focus of technological progress is energy conservation and emission reduction

the production capacity of papermaking, household appliances, plastics and other industries has been very large, but the technology is very different from the international level and lacks core technology. Therefore, the industry should be revitalized through technological progress. The state will have special funds to invest in the technological upgrading of light industry. Support the technological transformation and innovation of enterprises through the support projects of national debt, select leading enterprises in key industries to establish engineering technology centers, and the state will provide support in terms of loans and taxes

the plan also indicates that it is necessary to strengthen the guidance of industrial policies, promote the transfer of industries to multi fluorocarbon, and cultivate and develop light industry characteristic regions and industrial clusters. It is reported that the plan will focus on supporting the industrial transfer in four aspects, including the transfer of R & D, manufacturing and distribution of key household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines from the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai rim to Anhui, Chongqing, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other central and western regions; The leather and shoe-making areas in the eastern coastal areas give full play to their advantages in R & D, design and trade, and their production and processing are transferred to Sichuan, Chongqing, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and other regions with resource advantages; Sanitary ware and wall and floor tiles are transferred from coastal areas to areas with resource advantages and rich energy such as Jiangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia; Biological fermentation products are transferred from the Middle East and coastal areas to the northeast, Inner Mongolia and the central and western regions with resource advantages and rich energy

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