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The post-modern style, which began in the 1990s, is a simple decoration style with cherry wood as the main woodworking finish and black-and-white gray machine earth color. It is one of the more popular decoration styles at present. Today's Xiaobian has sorted out several sets of postmodern decoration renderings for everyone, and provided them to friends who need decoration for reference

small area: Poly Park Jiuli

household type: two bedrooms and one living room

decoration style: postmodern style

Design Description: the designer selected simple style matching in the design, which is more suitable for the ideas of young people. Simple background has been the biggest feature of the house. The ceiling modeling is designed to leave unlimited soft decoration space for the house. In the selection of TV background wall, the designer used bricks to make the effect, Let the style of the home be unique. In the bedroom, the designer chose grey blue on the soft decoration fabric art to restore the essential style, and the background painting personality is interesting

small area: yushuihuacheng

household type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: postmodern style

Design Description: postmodern style is a design trend and concept that modifies modernism in form. The postmodern interior design concept completely abandons the seriousness and simplicity of modernism, and often has a historical metaphor, full of a large number of decorative details, deliberately creating a vague and confusing mood, emphasizing the connection with space, Use unconventional colors

small area: Jinyin Lake No. 1

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: postmodern style

Design Description: This set of case design uses modern methods, matches European style, and jumps out of the previous European style tedium. The collision between modernity and European style has become postmodern design, which has both the tough atmosphere of modern style and the luxurious texture of European style

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