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With regard to the decoration cost of a 135 square meter house, many owners will have trouble in budgeting the cost. In fact, when decorating a large apartment like 135 square meters, our main expenses are mainly in the cost of materials and the cost of manual design. As long as the budget of these two expenses is comprehensive and reasonable, we can better introduce the cost of our overall home decoration, Save materials and expenses in decoration

the major items included in the decoration price of 135 square meters are hydraulic fees and electrician fees. These two major items also include the decoration price of some basic projects and the cost of decoration materials and labor. When decorating, we should pay attention to the skills of saving money. Decoration is a very expensive project, and the details should be carefully considered. The decoration budget of 135 square meters can be determined according to their own decoration needs. Of course, many decoration companies will also give quotations, and you can also choose decoration packages. Now let's introduce the actual situation of the 135 square meter decoration budget and the general price of the 135 square meter decoration

how much is the decoration cost of 135 square meters

generally speaking, the total cost of decoration should be 10% to 20% of the house price. The design cost accounts for 10% - 15% of the total decoration price, the material cost accounts for about 50% - 55% of the total price, and the labor cost accounts for 35% - 55% of the total price

at present, people are based on the pursuit of comfort, and the reasonable allocation proportion of material costs is: bathroom and cupboard account for 45%, hall 35%, bedroom 20%

those with a cost of 100 to 500 yuan/square meter are low-grade decoration, those with a cost of 500 to 1000 yuan/square meter are medium-grade decoration, those with a cost of 1000 to 2000 yuan/square meter are medium and high-grade decoration, those with a cost of 2000 to 4000 yuan/square meter are high-grade decoration, and those with a cost of more than 4000 yuan/square meter are super high-grade decoration

the woodworking board should be dried at high temperature (anti deformation), and the panel is popular from high to low according to the price: white maple, red cherry, red walnut and black walnut (now many are made with mixed water, regardless of the panel, and the color is made by the painter). It is better to use white maple or red cherry for small area. The formaldehyde emission standard of the panel is preferably E1. Line color and door pocket go. Long brand cement board, if ceiling is required, long brand 1cm gypsum board. An ordinary door with red cherry is 200 yuan a leaf

1) brand cabinets made outside are generally 1000 per linear meter, which are expensive, poor in materials, poor in space calculation (errors of a few centimeters cannot be avoided, resulting in concealment of dirt), and poor in space utilization. I personally suggest that the cabinet be customized. Let me talk about the materials and prices made by yourself according to the highest requirements. If it is calculated according to the four meters of your home: Black Jinsha marble or high-grade artificial stone, manufacturer's customized paint baking door 145/m2, waterproof 2.0 white board, two alloy pneumatic pole doors. Gas basket 40 yuan, stainless steel seasoning cabinet basket + stainless steel cupboard basket =380 yuan. Accessories: metal handle, plastic skirting line, surrounding edge strip and glue, etc. The total is only 3000

2) if it is required to build a wardrobe, pay attention to the use of solid wood panels, which are free of polluting gas and cheap. Add ordinary alloy sliding door and labor, the total is about 2500. (full body cabinet, standard household shape)

3) if plastic steel gusset plate is installed on the balcony of kitchen and bathroom, wooden keel must be used, and aluminum plate is not required

4) it is suggested to let carpenters do the door pocket, which is cheap and good. For good effect, please use the secondary ceiling, and pay attention to making a solid wooden keel. Because of the difference in style and price, the general cost is 800 yuan

5) gypsum line is about 8 ~ 9 yuan per meter. This is usually decorated by a decoration team, usually with lotus flowers, and there are more cabbage like ones

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

how to reduce the decoration cost of 135 square meters

first, remember the classification of decoration materials

the first consideration in reducing the decoration cost is the selection of decoration materials. Because the quality of decoration materials is divided into upper, middle and lower grades, but the same material will have different prices due to source problems, so shopping around is always applicable

second, ask professionals to buy materials

when purchasing materials, try to ask designers or decoration workers to go with them, so that they know where to buy high-quality and low-cost materials, and get twice the result with half the effort; What's more, the price quoted by material suppliers for these long-term customers will be very favorable

135 square meters decoration precautions

1 Install as many power plugs as possible in the living room

2. The number of lights in the living room should not be too many. It's better to be simple, otherwise it's like a lamp shop

3. Metal sockets installed on the ground can be considered, which is suitable for large living rooms

4. In such a large space as the living room and dining room, the ceiling can't be done without doing it

5. The TV background wall must be equipped with several more sockets, TV, dvd&hellip& hellip; As soon as you put it on, you will find that the socket is not enough

6. The ceiling light in the bedroom should be double controlled, one by the door and one by the bed, so as to avoid lying in bed in winter and then turning off the light

7. Women should remember that it's better to have more than less wardrobe, rather large than small wardrobe! The hanging space should be able to put down the longest skirt

8. The starting frame of the bed costs 350 yuan to add such a thing. When a handle is pulled at the end of the bed, the bed board will turn over to reveal the storage space under it

9. Toilet and air conditioning sockets are designed with switches. In particular, the toilet electric water heater should have a two-stage switch with one plug

10. Kitchen and bathroom floor tiles must not be white

11. If a bathroom has four walls, measure the length and height of each wall. Then deduct the area of a window and door. Finally, calculate the area of the ground. After you measure the size, you can take it to the shop selling tiles, and they will add 5% of the loss

12. The bathroom can be nailed with a hook to hang something,

13 The bathroom is designed with a small cupboard for clothes, so you don't have to worry about taking a bath and forgetting to take clothes anymore

14. Ceramic basins should be used as much as possible, while glass basins are difficult to clean

15. The stainless steel feet used in the bathroom floor cabinet are profiteering. Find some places on the back of the store to buy them at a low price

16. The basin under the stage is more delicate, beautiful and easy to clean than the basin on the stage

17. When you buy a toilet, you must measure your own hole spacing

18. It's best to measure the level after the kitchen tile is pasted and before it dries to see if the lowest point is the floor drain

19. The shower room in the bathroom must be large enough and use transparent glass

20. After the tiles on the bathroom floor are pasted, test the water. If the running water is slow, rework it immediately

how to save money in decoration of 135 square meters

money saving skills in decoration, save building materials behind cabinet furniture, and choose lower grade building materials behind cabinet furniture. For example, wall tiles can be paved with cheaper tiles where cabinets are placed, and tiles with better materials can be used in exposed places, which can save a lot of unnecessary expenses

money saving skills in decoration and replacement of sofa cover. Sofa is an important furniture in home. A good set of sofa often costs more than 10000 yuan. Therefore, if you can replace the sofa skin and coordinate with the bedroom style, you don't need to buy another set. A good sofa cover will make the sofa look the same as new

decoration saves money and skillfully matches old and new furniture. The service life of furniture is generally long, and the amount of one-time replacement is too large. You might as well keep the furniture with acceptable style and in line with the overall bedroom style, and then add insufficient furniture

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of relevant knowledge about the decoration cost of 135 square meters and money saving skills. I hope to help friends who need it in this regard! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future





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