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The Internet era belongs to the era of information explosion. Door and window enterprises also began to use microblogging and wechat as tools for large-scale marketing. In the increasingly fierce competitive market, grabbing favorable factors from these fleeting information has also become an effective way for enterprises to alleviate competitive pressure and make continuous progress

microblog marketing takes quarrel as a "gimmick"

microblog marketing is a new era marketing model developed with the growth of the Internet, and quarrel marketing on microblog is also the most eye-catching and attention attracting marketing method on the Internet

with the continuous development of society, the market environment of doors and windows has gradually become complex. In order to attract the attention of consumers, various marketing means such as hype and gimmicks emerge in endlessly, and it is also extremely important to develop factors conducive to the development of enterprises from surrounding dynamic events. In the view of many enterprises, the quarrel on Weibo is just an emotional evolution of contradictions between door and window enterprises in order to compete for profit space. In fact, it is not. In Weibo, it is also worth learning to play a wonderful part in quarreling. The learning mentioned here, of course, is not a form of quarrel, but a means to learn its promotion effect with the help of microblog quarrel

microblog quarrels are like routine in daily microblog updates. However, few enterprises give full play to the promotion effect of microblog quarrels. The difference is that if microblog quarrel is regarded as a marketing method, its own purpose is to achieve the purpose of promoting for enterprises. To achieve this effect, microblog quarrel requires enterprises to grasp the opportunity, which is a promotion opportunity created by quarrel as a gimmick. With the help of the quarrel node, and trigger the majority of people involved in the topic to pay attention to the enterprise itself, this kind of promotion means is particularly special in saving capital. Take the e-commerce war as an example. When every big promotion comes, some e-commerce companies begin to fan the flames, so as to preempt and attract users' attention

door and window enterprises should pay attention to timing when raising marketing "gimmicks"

door and window enterprises get the Enlightenment from these events: on the one hand, the importance of timing. Blindly creating gimmicks can only achieve the opposite effect. Only by fully considering external factors, combining favorable factors, and then creating relevant fuses, can we give full play to the ideal effect of gimmicks; On the other hand: focus on the ultimate goal

the manufacturing explosion news has attracted people's attention, which is not uncommon in the marketing process of all walks of life. However, some door and window enterprises deviated from their own purposes when carrying out this means, and amplified the explosion event, which cannot achieve the purpose of bringing benefits to enterprises. Therefore, from some successful "microblog quarrels", door and window enterprises need to see the ways while watching the excitement, so as to help their long-term development

the severe competition situation is inevitable. In the market that is fighting for market share and profit space, it is not difficult for door and window enterprises to be in the forefront of the industry. It is a good way for door and window enterprises to find beneficial value from successful surrounding events, think about and make use of it, and give full play to their subjective initiative. Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, door and window enterprises can win long-term development in the white hot competitive market





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