The blockage of the filter screen of the main pipe

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In the heating season in winter, many users will encounter the situation that the radiator is not hot. There are many conditions that cause the radiator not to be hot. The blockage of the filter screen of the main heating pipe is one of them, which will cause the radiator of many owners not to be warm. In this case, how to deal with it? Today, the German lion radiator will explain to you

the blockage of the filter screen of the main pipe of the radiator causes the return water pressure of the radiator to be too low and cannot be circulated, resulting in the low temperature of the radiator

at this time, you need to find the property to solve this matter

there are more or less some impurities left in the process of welding pipes, which leads to the blockage of the filter screen during the heating process and affects the heating effect. "The water circulation of radiators is faster than that of the ground heating, which also leads to the obvious blockage of radiator users and affects the pressure of water circulation. Find a property to deal with it and maximize the heating of residents.

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