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On February 12, 2020, Beijing sold three plots of land, with a total land income of 8.005 billion yuan

it is reported that in order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic during the land auction, Beijing has timely issued new regulations on epidemic prevention in the land auction market. The personnel involved in entering the site shall meet the requirements of isolation in Beijing for 14 days, entering the site to measure their body temperature, and the limit on the number of participants entering the site. The local auction site under the epidemic situation was not as deserted as expected. In the face of high-quality plots, real estate enterprises performed more positively

the result of land transfer shows that the plot of Xihuang village, Shijingshan District, which was transferred on the same day was obtained by pioneer at a base price of 2.975 billion yuan, and the floor price was 25249 yuan/square meter. The starting price of the plot was 2.975 billion yuan, and only one quotation was obtained before the auction

secondly, China Resources, CCCC and other real estate enterprise consortia won the plot of Yizhuang new town, Majuqiao town, Tongzhou with 4.67 billion yuan. It is worth noting that there is no price limit for this plot, which attracted a number of real estate enterprises to compete fiercely on the site. After 40 rounds of bidding, it was successfully sold at a total price of 4.67 billion yuan, with a premium rate of 22.89%. The floor price is 21209 yuan, and 6 samples/m2 should be taken from different three packages. At present, the price of second-hand houses around the plot is about 35000 yuan/square meter

the last transferred plot is located in Caiyu Town, Daxing District. After 8 rounds of quotation, it is transferred by the company for 360million yuan. The premium rate is 25%, and the floor price is 16487 yuan/m2

in view of the first land auction in the year of the rat in Beijing, zhangdawei, chief analyst of Centaline real estate, analyzed that the three plots on that day were the first transfer of the land market in Beijing in the year of the rat. "Three but cerium and other resource plots received a total of 8.005 billion yuan. Although one of them was the base price, the first land auction in the year of the rat in Beijing was not significantly affected by the epidemic."

it is worth mentioning that according to the recently released land transfer information in Beijing, intensive land transfer will be ushered in in the future. Until the demand is met, a total of 10 plots will be launched in February, including 7 plots, with a total starting price of 27.67 billion

in fact, it is not just the land market in Beijing. Since February, Hangzhou, Changsha, Huzhou, Guangzhou, Shaoxing and other cities have successfully transferred many lands. Nationwide, according to the statistics of Centaline real estate research center, as of the day before, there were 10 land transactions with a total price of more than 500million in the national land market in early February, and 56 land transactions with a total price of more than 100million

on the other hand, due to the impact of the epidemic, since the end of January, many cities have postponed the transfer of land, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Tianjin and other cities with large market space for the development of extruder industry

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