Inadequate supervision of the hottest cause class

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Insufficient supervision has led to the flooding of class B insulation materials in the market.

it is learned that China's external wall insulation technology failed to strictly enforce the fire protection standards at the beginning of promotion, resulting in the blind development of a large number of low-end insulation materials, the flooding of low-cost and low-quality products in the market, and the whole industry hovering at a low level. The existing low-end production capacity is in a wait-and-see state, and even hinders the introduction and unification of national standards for various reasons, resulting in the orderly withdrawal of backward production capacity from the market and the benign development of high-end production capacity. The lack of national mandatory standards has led to the flammability and flammability materials that should not flow into the market to participate in the market competition in an open manner, and to occupy the advantages of the hydraulic universal testing machine in ordinary use, which will suddenly promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. The market has fallen into a "vicious cycle" of disorderly competition, providing technical support for promoting the healthy and rapid development of the rare earth industry and its industrial chain in Fujian Province

according to the investigation from the merchants in the building materials market, currently most of the materials on sale are class B insulation materials, and class a materials are not available in stock. If necessary, they must be booked in advance. In addition, the quotation provided by the market material supplier shows that the B1 and B2 insulation material boards are about 95 yuan per square meter; Class a insulation materials depend on the type. For example, rock wool costs hundreds of yuan per square meter, and STP costs about 100 yuan per square meter. Therefore, most real estate contractors still use this class B combustible insulation material in order to find the maximum profit margin in the projects contracted by the developers

in addition, supervision should be further strengthened. During the review of fire protection design of construction projects and the spot check of fire protection design filing, the design of external wall insulation system must be reviewed emphatically. During the construction process, strengthen the on-site inspection, and strengthen the on-site inspection at the stage of fire acceptance and completion acceptance filing and random inspection. Therefore, FRP also needs time to ensure that everything is safe

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