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Inauguration of donation completion ceremony for lighting renovation of badminton training center of Training Bureau of General Administration of sport on the afternoon of October 12, the donation completion ceremony for LED lighting renovation of badminton training center of Training Bureau of General Administration of sport was successfully inaugurated! Dalian qiansen sports facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. and Hubble lighting equipment Co., Ltd. donated LED professional lighting system to realize the LED lighting upgrading and transformation of badminton training hall, so as to meet the requirements of professional training and general competition of athletes. At the same time, the pavilion will also be one of the main training venues for the Chinese Badminton national team to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Qiansen and Hubble have provided them with active and effective training support

the completion ceremony was presided over by lvtiehang, deputy director of the Training Bureau of the General Administration of sport. Sunxiaoye, deputy director of the Training Bureau of the General Administration of sport, Wang Wei, Secretary General of the China Badminton Association, Cheng primary school, leader of the national badminton team, songlishan, chairman of qiansen group, Zhan Dan, general manager of Hubble lighting equipment Co., Ltd., and relevant leaders of some competition and training units of the General Administration of sport in Beijing also attended the event. At the ceremony, deputy director sunxiaoye presented the honorary certificate to qiansen group. Deputy director sunxiaoye and Secretary General Wang Wei unveiled the completion plaque

it is reported that the venue was originally a comprehensive training hall for daily fitness and opening to the outside world. The net production of these compressors is low. Because there is no professional sports lighting system, it can not meet the requirements of professional training. Qiansen group cooperated with Hubble lighting equipment Co., Ltd. because the current domestic market activity is lower than that of the international market, and donated a professional LED lighting system suitable for the current situation of the museum for free. The museum uses 24 sets of Hubble 329 watt lxew professional lamps. After careful design, repeated technical testing and careful data evaluation, the lighting data of the badminton training hall meet the requirements of professional training and general competitions. It not only realizes the upgrading and transformation of green, environmental friendly and energy-saving LED lighting for sports lighting, but also provides an effective technical guarantee for the training and preparation of the Chinese Badminton national team for the Tokyo Olympic Games

overcoming the problem of badminton glare is a major problem that needs to be tackled in the lighting projects of sports venues at present, especially in small ball sports. Based on the deep understanding of Badminton by both parties, combined with the characteristics of badminton and athletes' movement track, this transformation and upgrading adopts the special lamp lxew for Hubble lighting in the middle and low altitude, and carries out specific light distribution design

a total of 24 Hubble lxew lamps are used in the four sites to support dimming and regional control. Each lamp is 329w, waterproof grade IP67, and can be used in harsh environment. The lamp adopts transparent prism system, 3D lighting new light distribution technology and% polishing, which can effectively suppress direct glare and indirect glare. After the installation of the product, it has been tested by a professional organization that the average horizontal illumination has reached more than 1200lux, the illumination uniformity has reached 0.7, the color temperature is 5000K, the color rendering index is 70, and the glare value is less than 10. The above lighting indicators have exceeded the professional competition standards, greatly improving the comfort of athletes, and making a breakthrough in solving the glare problem of national badminton venues

Dalian qiansen sports facilities Engineering Co., Ltd., the giver of this ceremony, is subordinate to qiansen group. It has more than 20 years of rich experience in the design and construction of many large-scale sports venues and facilities, lighting and grandstand systems for major sports events such as the Olympic Games. In terms of lighting, Dalian qiansen has provided reasonable and professional lighting solutions for the venues of many domestic sports events, such as the 53rd World Table Tennis Championship, Liaoning National Games, Tianjin National Games, Dalian Olympic Sports Center, Hebei Olympic Sports Center, etc., and selected advanced, energy-saving and mature special light sources for sports lighting, so as to achieve more accurate light control, more stable color temperature and working performance, and more energy-saving and environmental protection lighting characteristics. In addition, Beijing qiansen sports culture investment and Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of qiansen group, is also a well-known domestic sports event organization and operation enterprise. Its six-year experience in international cycling competitions has also won qiansen wide praise and good reputation in the sports industry

another giver, Hubble lighting equipment Co., Ltd., was established in 1888, with a history of nearly 130 years. It is a company born at the same time as Edison. 2. Mechanical testing of fasteners. Its founder Harvey Hubbell is the inventor and manufacturer of the world's first socket, pull lamp and reflector. Hubble lighting has a good cooperative relationship with international sports associations such as the International Olympic Committee (including the Winter Olympics), the North American Hockey League, the American Super Bowl professional football match, the American Football Association, FIFA and so on. The lighting of the main venues of 30 major ice hockey teams in North America, the main venues of 32 NBA teams, and the 2015 football World Cup finals are designed by Hubble lighting. In addition, in the process of actively responding to the development and construction of domestic sports undertakings, Hubble has also successfully served the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, the 12th National Games, the 13th National Games, Provincial Games and sports centers. The dent depth measured by the punch displacement of the stadium is the experimental result. It is an international first-line brand of stadium lighting

in a small step, qiansen and Hubble solved the specific problem of stadium lighting, and laid a solid foundation for the training of China's badminton national team in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games. It is believed that with the common support and expectation of all sectors of society, China's sports construction can take a greater step forward

: Kan Jian

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