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An independent packaging enterprise should be established in the bottled water processing intensive area

the food industry has developed to a certain stage, and the new industry division is a necessary choice. This is especially true of the bottled water industry. At the recent symposium on the development of mineral water industry in Baishan City, Jilin Province, zhangdali, an associate professor and mineral water expert of the school of food engineering of Jilin Agricultural University, proposed that a large-scale and multi enterprise mineral water processing zone like Baishan City, Jilin Province, should build an independent packaging enterprise, adjust industrial division, improve processing level and reduce costs. This view was widely recognized by the participants

the bottled water industry and the packaging industry are more closely connected than any other industry, so they must be synchronized. If each mineral water processing enterprise in the processing zone has to install its own pet bottle making production line, equipped with a number of technicians specialized in food processing, the key technology in the design of non spring testing machine, and combined the water processing industry with the packaging industry, there are many disadvantages. For example, the one-time investment of the project is large, and the price of a set of bottle making production line is about the same as that of a canning line, so it is necessary to add plants, warehouses, auxiliary facilities, etc; The mineral water processing enterprises are short of pet processing professional technicians, and the technical force allocation is difficult; Non professional processing, unstable pet product quality, high loss; Decentralized production, low equipment utilization; The independent innovation ability of packaging materials is weak, and the cooperation and communication with packaging enterprises are not convenient; The ability to resist the price fluctuation of polyester chip raw materials is weak; There are many environmental protection control points, which is not conducive to centralized treatment and water source protection. If the production capacity of one pet bottle manufacturing plant can be used by several mineral water filling plants, the beverage manufacturing enterprises can concentrate on filling, reduce the investment in bottle making equipment, increase the cathode current density to more than 1000a/m2, reduce the construction of public works, reduce the area of production workshops, and greatly reduce the capital construction investment without building shift dormitories. In addition, mineral water filling enterprises focus on food professionals, while PET bottle manufacturing enterprises focus on plastics, polymers and other professionals. PET bottle manufacturing enterprises can give full play to the advantages of specialization, concentrate technical personnel, carry out new product development, improve product quality and reduce raw material consumption. Independent PET bottle manufacturing enterprises can be relatively far away from mineral water sources, which is convenient for water source protection and environmental protection

pet container packaging, with its high value orientation and excellent technical characteristics, has become the fastest-growing food packaging form in the world within the wheel and spoke sensor. At present, PET materials account for more than 60% of the packaging forms used for carbonated beverages, fruit juice beverages, tea beverages and bottled water in the world's major beverage producing countries. Although the time of using PET to package food is short in China, the proportion of PET materials in the above four categories of beverages exceeds 70%, becoming the fastest-growing packaging materials. In the actual promotion, the mineral water industry as the main industry and the PET bottle manufacturing industry as the auxiliary industry can complement each other. The healthy development of mineral water industry affects the development of PET bottle manufacturing industry. On the contrary, the development of PET bottle manufacturing industry will promote the development of mineral water industry

taking the production scale of Baishan mineral water protection and Development Park as an example, the annual output will reach 2million tons from 2006 to 2010, and it is planned to add 1.2 million tons within five years. Assuming that half of the newly added 1.2 million tons of mineral water is packaged in PET bottles, 1billion PET bottles of 600ml/bottle are required. This amount is close to the annual output of Zhuhai Zhongfu and exceeds the annual output of Shanghai Zijiang group; The other half of the mineral water is packaged in 5 gallon barrels (PC), which requires 502 The oil pressure system has a serious oil leakage of million to 1million turnover empty barrels. If each empty barrel is used for two years, about 250000-500000 empty barrels will be added every year, which is a considerable market. The above two sets of data show that the packaging enterprises have built factories in the mineral water processing zone, and the market demand is huge

source: China Food News

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