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Arc: increasing demand for industrial operation panels

according to the latest research report of arc, the operation panel Market for industrial applications will continue to grow strongly. The growth of this market is driven by the overall demand of the automation market and the impact of many applications on the increased demand for visualization. In 2012 and 2013, the market will experience sluggish growth due to the European debt crisis, and the growth slowdown in the Chinese market will also have an adverse impact on the investment environment

the operation panel is constantly improving, from the initial push-button operation panel to the CRT operation panel and then to the graphic operation panel, and will continue to change. As the fastest growing segment market, consumer electronic products are promoting the popularity of touch screen and widescreen display. In addition, automation panels, application logic controllers and pure visual panels are all growing segments

automation panels have been recognized by more and more markets. In the past three years, many companies have entered this segment to compete. The application of end-users and computer-based technologies in these devices has brought above average growth to the market. Florian g ldner, lead author of arc's Global Market Research Report on operation panels, said

demand for operation panel increases

due to the influence of various factors, the demand for high-end large screen, especially wide screen operation panel, is increasing. The first is the continuous decline in component prices, especially in the display and CPU parts. Companies such as atom, bobcat and arm have increased their computing power with lower prices and energy consumption. Arc found that in addition to the direct price drop, in some cases, the price of the product remained unchanged, while the performance and functions were improved

another reason is that machine manufacturers are applying advanced functions to modern operation panels to help improve the operability of machines. Many large operation panels have been personalized in appearance and color according to the requirements of enterprises, which can help establish a good product image in terms of quality and precision

the last reason is the driving effect brought by the end user. The responsibilities of the operation panel range from simple machine control to the management of the whole production line. The operation panel is becoming a key link that can not only display machine related data, but also connect with the enterprise's mes/cpm system. In addition, the precision panel can help enterprises carry out maintenance, repair and even training, and help to improve the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the production line, especially in terms of availability

computers - pros or cons

computer technology has been used in the operation panel for many years, even if the user does not access the operating system. The advantages include ease of adoption of new features and functions, such as widescreen, touch screen and Ethernet connection

however, the price of tablet computers is becoming more and more competitive, which is close to the same level as the operating panel. The user's question follows: it brings new development opportunities. Since you can choose a fully mature tablet computer with comparable price, why bother about the limitations of the operating panel

especially in price sensitive markets, the initial purchase price is often the only standard. The tablet computer using soft logic is a potential threat to the operation panel using traditional PLC. However, the traditional architecture still has some advantages, such as durability. PLC has been gradually developed into programmable automation controller (PAC), and the function of the panel is not simply the display of machine data

China market - fast decline or slow decline

in recent years, the Chinese market has grown strongly, which has driven the growth of the global market. The machine demand of various industries has driven the export of Chinese products to all parts of the world. To prevent the market from overheating, the Chinese government has taken a series of measures to reduce pressure and cool the real estate foam. The result is the collapse of investment in many industries, especially some industries with rapid growth before 2011 and some industries with a large number of overloads. Looking at China's structural indicators, arc believes that the Chinese market will continue to grow, and investment activities will return to normal from 2013

for details of the research report, please visit the column of "Market Research" on the Chinese page of arc consulting group

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