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Wuhan solid wood frame equipment manufacturer [tianyuanyuan machinery]

Wuhan solid wood frame equipment manufacturer [tianyuanyuan machinery]

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Product Brand Shunde District, Foshan Tianyuan Machinery Product Model complete production City Guangdong in the field of lithium materials delivery City Foshan total supply 999999 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 1 unit of measurement product details

Wuhan solid wood frame equipment manufacturer [Tianyuan Machinery]

equipment is applicable to cabinet doors, photo frames, wooden doors Rapid assembly of drawers, furniture doors and windows, and other 45 degree angle frames. With or without wooden tenon, it can be spliced without nailing

1. High frequency heating, only for glue seam heating, fast time, short cycle, saving energy; Each frame can be completed in seconds

2. PLC automatic control and touch screen operation can display multiple information of the equipment, such as frame size, heating time, pressure holding time, etc. after setting the size, the equipment automatically adjusts the heating and pressure holding to complete a cycle, and dozens of processing sizes can be pre stored

3. The equipment uses the fault self-test function to accurately alarm and find out the fault point

4. The equipment adopts precision ball screw and linear guide rail, with high precision

5. The double servo motor has high driving accuracy, which is matched with precision ball screw and linear guide rail, and the error is within 0.5mm; It is far ahead of stepping motor in terms of accuracy and speed

6. Excellent shielding and protection devices ensure the safety of operators and equipment

7. Machinable "mouth", "sun", "eye" shaped door frame

8. According to the characteristics of the splicing workpiece, the worktable can be made into an inclined type, which is convenient for placing and taking materials

what are the general causes of this fault? When drilling, the machine moves or the drilling tool deviates in the hole. During rock drilling, stones fall from the wall or orifice, or large cracks and karst caves are encountered. Dust is not easy to be discharged in areas with mud and stones. Due to negligence in operation, when the drilling was stopped for a long time, the rock powder was not blown out, and the drilling tool was not lifted, so that the impactor was buried by the rock powder. Treatment method: according to the current strength of the drill bit, the broken wing has been basically eliminated. In case of special circumstances, a seamless pipe with a diameter similar to the hole diameter can be used. The pipe is filled with butter, asphalt and other objects, which are connected with the drill pipe and enter the hole bottom. The hole bottom is stopped to check and replace the gasket, and the tight broken wing is taken out. The rock powder at the hole bottom is blown out before fishing. In serious cases, the drilling tools cannot be lifted. If it can't be put down, the impactor won't sound. At this time, only external torque or auxiliary tools can be used to help lift and rotate the drilling tool, and then the drilling tool should be lifted while supplying air until the fault is removed. When drilling again, first apply a little pressure, then apply a little pressure, and then gradually increase the propulsive force

this method greatly reduces the work efficiency and increases the cost. The emergence of drilling machines and other machinery has completely alleviated this situation. Mechanical drilling can improve work efficiency and reduce the expenditure of labor costs, so now most factories begin to choose to use machinery to replace manual work. China is still dealing with the period of industrial development, machinery production has become the most powerful development industry, in the process of industrial development in the future. The demand for full-automatic drilling machines will slowly increase, so many people begin to invest in such machinery industry. Indeed, there are many projects in the investment industry now. If you want to obtain a good development prospect, you should choose the relevant machinery industry. Compared with the development prospect of this industry in China, it is still very good. Automatic drilling machine is a highly automated drilling equipment, which is widely used in the field of heavy industry. The expected effect can be achieved by drilling precision parts. There are semi-automatic drilling machines and full-automatic drilling machines

due to the aging of the hose, the damage everywhere will reduce the pressure resistance of the hose. Pay attention to regular inspection. During the inspection, use the pressure test pump to pressurize. When the pressure is higher than 1.25 times the rated pressure, if there is leakage, bulge or, it must be replaced. The operator should pay attention not to be too close to the hose to prevent people from being injured by throwing up. Angle setter is an indispensable equipment in door and window equipment. Angle setter is suitable for efficient assembly of aluminum doors and windows. It is easy to operate, hungry quickly, accurate and in one step. Angle setter is divided into sinking angle setter and note: sensor input and output real data sometimes change with different manufacturers. Ordinary angle setter, in comparison, sinking angle setter is a little simpler and more efficient than ordinary angle setter, So if you are producing doors and windows in large quantities, it is still recommended that you choose to comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of China's innovative utilization of new energy materials. It is imperative to use the sinking angle machine. Well, let's get down to business. Let's take a look at the use methods and precautions of the angle machine. Usage: the personnel have been trained and qualified before operation, and all protective and safety devices of the equipment are in good condition and functioning; Operators should wear appropriate work clothes

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