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Paint enterprises: four know-how of brand building

paint enterprises: four know-how of brand building

April 2, 2015

[China paint information] at present, the competition in the paint market is increasingly fierce, the national environmental protection policy is overweight, and the paint enterprises are facing the attack of diatom mud and wallpaper, and the living environment is getting worse. Therefore, paint enterprises try to seize market share, and brand building has become an important magic weapon for paint enterprises. So how to successfully shape the paint brand

1. Product image. Product image should work hard from two aspects: product performance. On the premise of ensuring high quality, we must break through the barriers at the same time, do not take the homogenization route, improve the added value of products, and improve the technical content of products. At present, many foreign coating brand enterprises are also actively looking for cooperation with domestic coating enterprises in order to develop the Chinese market. The cooperation with foreign enterprises will not only obtain their technical support, but also the guidance of product marketing and enterprise management. At the same time, it is also an improvement for their brand image. In terms of product appearance, it is necessary to be unique and easy to remember, so as to attract the attention of consumers

2. Service. Brand image goes deep into the hearts of consumers, and most of them need to be recognized by consumers through excellent services. The service needs differentiated value-added services from four aspects: concept, environment, behavior and emotion. Speaking of service, many people may think of Haier's "sincerity forever". It was with the five-star service standard that Haier gained a good reputation, rapidly expanded its market share, grew from a loss facing enterprise to today's home appliance giant, and was written into Harvard's teaching plan. This is also the first enterprise in China to be written into Harvard's case. For ordinary consumers, most consumers do not understand how to distinguish and paint coatings, which requires coating enterprises to do a good job in service to win the respect and recognition of the market. At present, from the perspective of the whole industry, all enterprises that have done better pay more attention to service

3. Public welfare. Paint enterprises should actively participate in public welfare activities and be enthusiastic about public welfare activities. The Chinese people have always had a good moral integrity of "the kindness of a drop of water should be repaid by a gushing spring". Just think, this is actually cultivating consumers and forming a certain corporate image. Now people are poor, and the benefits of ceramic enterprises will not work well in the future. People will still be planners of major projects. Besides, now it is not emphasized that "to be an enterprise is to be a conscience". Brand enterprises should pay attention to this issue

4. Brand story. The so-called story is an event that resonates with the hearts of the masses. In this regard, enterprises need to cooperate with their own service work. The story is not big, but it must resonate. It can also be small and big, and through the continuous publicity of enterprises, it can resonate with more people. Some events can improve the brand image of the enterprise. However, in line with the principle of "honesty is the foundation of business", we should resolutely put an end to the practice of "making things up without incident", "malicious hype" and other vulgar customers' truthful disclosure

I believe that with the know-how to win, coating enterprises will be able to successfully shape the brand image. With the expansion of brand strength, coating enterprises can also gain a firm foothold in the market competition

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