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Four suggestions for enterprises to implement Bi

many people think that Bi is an emerging technology and concept, and its application has just begun. However, this is not the case. Bi has already imperceptibly penetrated into enterprise applications. Financial software such as Kingdee and UFIDA have long added the function of intelligent analysis, but they have not been separated separately. Of course, the function of Bi is not only financial intelligence analysis, but also all businesses in the enterprise can be analyzed through the BI system

a group of enterprises that carried out information transformation earlier in China, whether ERP, CRM or CTI, have accumulated a certain amount of original data within the enterprise. Bi has become the target of all major media in the blink of an eye. It is probably also because we see that the demand of enterprise users for intelligent analysis systems has begun to highlight

at present, some users who want to build a BI system may still be confused and do not know where to start; What ideas and processes should be done to study the brittleness of refractory compounds before putting them into the system. In the interview with Bi consultants, this paper records some of their suggestions, hoping to help enterprise users

If Bi wants to be big and small, start with the most urgent business. No matter what kind of management software you use, you will almost hear the same voice: don't be greedy for perfection. Starting with the most urgent business, Bi is no exception. It can be made into an independent huge system, putting all business data in the enterprise in a data warehouse for multidimensional analysis; It can also be embedded into individual business data for separate business analysis. The opinion of the consultant is to manage the most important business first, so as to quickly respond to market demand and make the best decision. After accumulating some experience, gradually increase the number of BI system users. You can try other keys, such as speed, return, reset, calibration, and so on, to see if there is a response system. Continue to make decision analysis on other businesses, so that you can avoid risks to a certain extent, because Bi also needs to carry out process reorganization. The impact of the reorganization of a department on the company is much smaller than that of the whole company, Just like the pain of minor surgery is always smaller than that of major surgery

sticking to business drive rather than it drive involves management, that is, behavioral science, that is, people. Due to the dust on the surface of the lens, the demand for this management software is driven by the business department, not the IT department. Maybe some enterprises also understand that it is up to the business department to put forward the design requirements for software, but the level of business personnel is not enough to put forward the future management model architecture. If for this reason, the boss of the enterprise should give the IT department absolute authority and give him the right to require the business department to cooperate with the IT department to negotiate and put forward the demand model, so as to grasp the business development direction of the enterprise as accurately as possible

it is necessary to establish a special data analysis department. In China, the position of data analyst is not mentioned much. Experts suggest that if you are ready to use the BI system, you must implement the corresponding data analysis department. The purpose of optimizing data is to find out the most valuable data. If there is no corresponding person to track and process these valuable data after mining, its value will only stay at the level of making statements quickly. If the data analysis that can bring value-added benefits to the enterprise is ignored, the core value of Bi will be abandoned. In foreign countries, all businesses have corresponding data analysts, who are think tanks to provide enterprises with decision-making

bi is also a top-level project

bi is also a top-level project like ERP, CRM and other software. General staff only think of using Bi to quickly generate reports and improve labor efficiency; From the perspective of the top leaders, the purpose is to improve the value-added of enterprise business. The emphasis of the two in the design of demand model is completely different, and the results are also very different. On the other hand, without the strong support of the top leaders, the business process adjustment of enterprises will encounter great resistance, and even it is difficult to focus on the implementation of new products and technologies of thermoplastic elastomer materials

therefore, before deciding on Bi, the bosses of enterprise users and their think tanks need to carefully consider which businesses need decision support first, whether the internal process of this business is clear, and how to reorganize its internal process. In addition, corresponding departments should be equipped to be responsible for data tracking and optimization analysis, so that the decision-making of enterprises will become more and more rational and objective, and will also take a lead in the increasingly fierce business competition. (end)

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