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Four suggestions for the development of carton packaging

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economic construction, the paper product packaging industry has become increasingly prosperous, products have been constantly updated, and the requirements for technology and equipment have become higher and higher. Paper packaging is in urgent need of machinery manufacturing industry to design and manufacture advanced equipment to support it, so as to jointly participate in international competition. Recently, the paper products packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation put forward four suggestions on the development of China's carton machinery manufacturing industry:

Second, in view of the current situation of the rapid development of micro corrugated cardboard in foreign countries and the actual needs of China, machinery manufacturing enterprises in China have recently taken the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology to strengthen the development and production of fine corrugated rollers. Machinery manufacturers should change the standard requirements and import corresponding box making machinery, so as to promote the development of micro corrugated cardboard by carton factories in China

. Third, mechanical parts should be produced in general and professional cooperation, which can avoid unnecessary trouble for the maintenance of paper packaging manufacturers due to poor versatility and interchangeability; It can also make the whole machine manufacturer reduce costs and reduce the capital investment required to improve the quality of parts

Fourth, carton printing has developed from monochrome printing to multi-color printing. Multi color printing in China's carton enterprises is starting. Although in general, due to the constraints of plate quality, printing plates, plate making technology, printing machinery and other conditions, there are few beautiful cartons in China at present, but this is a development trend that must be paid attention to. Developing flexographic printing is a way to reduce the production cost of cartons. Although flexographic printing of cartons has just started in China, we should clearly see its potential vitality. We should constantly summarize the experience of improving the surface quality of flat lifting belt 1t (3) 0t round lifting belt 1t (3) 00t flow paperboard, corrugated roller, flexible printing plate and plate making technology, printing operation technology, water-based ink quality, and break through difficulties through practice

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