Four technical requirements of SKF Bearing for the

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Four technical requirements of machine tool spindle for SKF Bearing

on machine tool bearings, in manufacturing industry and research, it is very important to test and control the friction and wear performance of moving parts It is very important for quality control to be able to obtain data in different environments such as humidity, temperature and lubrication within a certain time. SKF bearings are widely used. Machine tool spindles have certain technical requirements for SKF bearings:

1 Speed and temperature rise

with the development of science and technology, as long as you believe that our rotating speed is higher and higher, the speed range is larger and larger. Therefore, the requirements for the stability of high-speed operation of bearings are also higher and higher. The temperature rise of machine tool spindle bearing is an important factor to limit the bearing speed. Generally, the high-speed performance of rolling bearings can be improved to a certain extent by correctly selecting the bearing type, tolerance grade, configuration mode, clearance (preload) size, lubricant and lubrication mode

2. Service life and bearing capacity

for general machine tools, the service life of the spindle assembly mainly refers to the service life to maintain the accuracy of the spindle. Therefore, the accuracy maintenance performance of the bearing is required to meet the requirements of the service life of the spindle assembly. For heavy machine tools or power cutting machine tools, the bearing capacity of bearings should be considered first

3. Stiffness and vibration resistance

in order to ensure the machining quality of the machine tool, the spindle system must be sufficiently rigid, otherwise large reflection errors and even flutter will occur. Vibration resistance refers to the ability to resist forced vibration and self-excited vibration until normal. The vibration resistance of the spindle assembly depends on the stiffness and damping of the spindle and bearings. Using preloaded rolling bearings can effectively improve the stiffness of the spindle system

4. Noise

in high-speed grinding machines, the noise of grinding head bearings is the main component of the noise of the whole machine, so low-noise rolling bearings should be selected

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