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Medium term futures: the LLDPE market continues to decline, and the short-term trend lacks support

today, the LLDPE market continues to decline. The international crude oil market is closed due to holidays, which lacks guidance for the market, while the downturn in the domestic spot market has dragged down the futures market. The trading volume and positions in the futures market have shrunk, and the popularity of the futures market has been lost in the case of the downturn in the spot market. Recently, the crude oil market has fallen from a high level, which lacks support for the downstream petrochemical products market. While the peak season of domestic agricultural film production is nearing the end, and the market demand is reduced. The short-term trend of LLDPE is weak due to the superposition of up and down negative conditions for recycled plastic granulator equipment manufacturers. L0805 contract closed at 13770, down 135 points, with 3926 trading volumes, 3784 positions and 394 positions reduced

domestic spot prices have declined and market transactions have been poor. Among them, the quotation of North China market declined slightly, and the quotation of Qilu Chemical City 7042 was 13820 yuan/ton, with few transactions; The quotation of East China market fell, and the quotation of 7042 in Nanjing market was 14100 yuan/ton, and the traders' wait-and-see mood was obvious; What "treasures" can't be missed in South China market news? Let's take a look at the price drop at this year's exhibition. The price of 7042 in Guangzhou market is 14000 yuan/ton, and traders are willing to ship

technically, l0805 has reached 40000 tons by 1986, which is supported by the previous low of 13700. However, market sentiment has weakened, and it is possible to continue to decline. Once the support of 13700 is broken, the next target is 13440

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