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Medium term futures: the LLDPE market opened higher and went lower, with obvious signs of short-term operation in the market

today, the LLDPE market opened higher and went lower, and the rise of upstream crude oil continued to provide support for the market. However, profit taking occurred at a high level, which suppressed the decline of futures prices. Recently, there are obvious signs of short-term operation of LLDPE market funds. Once it is close to the upper edge of the upward range, the bulls will make profits and close out. The short-term operation of funds has led to a relatively repeated pace of market rise. However, when the fundamentals are improved, the hardness values of Hb, HRB (or HRC) and HV are measured. Can the market continue this fund-raising project to achieve the expected benefits? Maintain the upward trend. In terms of operation, the short-term can be absorbed at bargain hunting. At 1, the fatigue testing machine can be purchased and used to close positions near 5000. L0805 contract closed at 14680, down 180 points, with 17494 transactions, 10304 positions and 3712 positions reduced

the international crude oil price continued to rise, and the massive intervention of speculative funds pushed the oil price to a new high. Nymex4 crude oil futures rose $0.85 to $108.75, while ICE4 crude oil futures rose $1.09 to $105.25. The hydraulic material testing machine is a vertical structure. As the dollar continued to hit a record low against the euro in the session, the Federal Reserve and other central banks jointly injected hundreds of billions of dollars into the credit market. After the market liquidity increased, a large number of funds settled in the crude oil market, pushing up oil prices. The fundamentals of the crude oil market have not changed recently, and the market is dominated by funds

domestic spot prices fluctuated at a high level, and transactions shrank. Among them, the quotation of Qilu Chemical City 7042 in North China continued to rise to 14050 yuan/ton, and the traders' mentality was good; The price of East China market is high, and the price of 7042 in Nanjing market is 14200 yuan/ton; The quotation of Guangzhou 7042 in South China market is 14000 yuan/ton, and there are not many transactions in the market

technically, on the K-line chart of l0805 contract day, the upward trend line formed by connecting the highs on December 3, 2007 and March 4, 2008 has a suppressive effect on the futures price, and the market may fluctuate and climb below the upward trend line

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