The hottest medium-term LLDPE in Liaoning Province

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Liaoning Medium Term: LLDPE slightly increased, Plateau oil strongly boosted the market

this week, LLDPE market slightly increased, the rebound of crude oil market boosted the domestic LLDPE trend, the market mentality gradually stabilized, and the positions and trading volume increased. However, the domestic spot market has weakened steadily, and petrochemical enterprises have reduced their ex factory prices. Towards the end of the year, petrochemical enterprises and traders are more willing to ship goods. However, downstream enterprises are not enthusiastic about receiving goods, and market transactions are light. In addition, in the early stage, the domestic diesel supply was tight, and the state required petrochemical enterprises to increase the output of refined oil and reduce the output of chemical products, which brought some support to the market. However, with the reduction of the import tariff of refined oil, the import volume of domestic refined oil will increase in the later stage, and the chemical products of petrochemical enterprises may resume production. Several Sinopec units that stopped production in the early stage are recovering, which has a negative impact on market psychology, It makes it difficult for the domestic market to follow the upward trend of the crude oil market. On the whole, the domestic LLDPE market is still lack of support, but driven by the strong crude oil market, LLDPE will continue to fluctuate in the range

the international crude oil market rose again under a series of positive incentives, approaching the previous high. On Thursday, nymex2 crude oil futures rose $0.65 to $96.62, and ice2 crude oil futures rose $0.84 to $94.78. On the one hand, the tense geopolitical situation provided support for the market. The Ministry of industry and information technology will take the lead in establishing an upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism for civil aircraft aluminum. Turkish fighter planes attacked Kurdish elements in northern Iraq on Wednesday, which made the geopolitical situation extremely tense. The news of the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on Thursday also gave the market a great stimulus. On the other hand, the decline in crude oil inventories exceeded expectations, adding to market concerns about supply. According to the data of the American Energy Information Association, as of the week of December 21, U.S. crude oil inventories decreased by 3.3 million barrels to 293.6 million barrels, which is the lowest level since January 14, 2005, while analysts had expected a decrease of 1million barrels. Concerns about the supply of crude oil market have been lingering, supporting the rise of oil prices again, and oil prices may hit the 100 yuan mark again

in the domestic spot market, petrochemical enterprises reduced the ex factory price of Guochuan electronics; Small body rdquo; It can also move the big market, and the market sales price has also weakened. The international crude oil price is running at a high level, and the domestic LLDPE production cost remains high. However, at the same time, the fixture design should consider the characteristics of suitable rubber and should not slip. Because the market transaction has not improved, the price continues to decline. At the same time, near the end of the year, petrochemical enterprises and traders have strong willingness to withdraw funds, reducing prices and increasing the decline in market prices

technically, on the weekly K-line chart of l0805 contract, the increase in positions and volume is upward, and there is still upward momentum, so the problem of measuring the load is transformed into the problem of measuring the displacement of the rod assembly. However, the upper part is faced with average line suppression, limiting the range of price rise, and the trend is still dominated by interval shocks

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