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Breakthrough transformation of "one piece of paper" green sustainable development

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core tips: [China Packaging News] 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and the key year to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The central economic work conference proposed to unswervingly build a manufacturing power,

[China Packaging News] 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, and also the key year to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The central economic work conference proposed that we should unswervingly build a manufacturing power and take promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry as the first of the seven key tasks. As a basic industry of the national economy closely related to people's lives, how to realize the strategic transformation of the paper industry? The light composite structures provided by Hexcel for ISRO include hexply high modulus prepreg, hexweb honeycomb core and Redux film adhesive, which are moving towards the path of green and sustainable development, has also become a major topic of common concern to the whole society

whether it's books in class or in leisure time, including novels, paper towels accompanied by delicious food, festive lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, which represent a little bit of "small happiness" in life, paper tape, or the long-awaited express... Paper and cardboard are everywhere in life. It is such an industry closely related to life, but it has been labeled with high pollution and high energy consumption in many people's hearts

few people know that the emission indicators of China's paper industry have basically reached the international advanced level. As early as 2006 to 2015, the wastewater discharge of the paper industry has decreased from 3.74 billion tons to 2.36 billion tons, a decrease of 36.78%; COD emission decreased from 1553200 tons to 335400 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 78.41%; The comprehensive utilization of solid waste has reached more than 99% of the production, and the discharge of industrial solid waste has been reduced from 70000 tons to nearly zero at present. In the words of Duan Ning, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and one of the founders of cleaner production in China, the entire industry "has undergone earth shaking changes"

transforming green sustainable development "the industry has undergone earth shaking changes"

on February 22, at the China papermaking sustainable development forum and the release ceremony of the white paper on the sustainable development of China's papermaking industry, hosted by China papermaking association and China Publishing and media group, Zhang Chonghe stressed that the papermaking industry is a basic raw material industry, a component of China's light industry, and plays an important role in the national economy, It plays an important role in promoting the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization

not only that, the consumption level of paper and paperboard is an important symbol to measure a country's economy and civilization. The consumption is directly and indirectly affected by all areas of the whole society, so it is called "social and economic barometer". At present, developed countries or industrial powers have a strong paper industry, which is one of the pillar industries in their economy. The per capita consumption of paper and paperboard is an important indicator to measure a country's comprehensive economic strength. In 2017, the world's per capita consumption of paper and paperboard was about 57 kg/year, while that of China was 78 kg/year, an increase of 15 kg/year over 2008. Although China's per capita consumption is higher than the world average, it is lower than the per capita consumption of 150-300 kg/year in developed countries, and there is still huge room for development

the white paper shows that the raw materials used in papermaking are renewable resources. The large-scale recycling of forestry "three residues" (cutting residues, wood making residues and processing residues), waste paper, agricultural straw, sugar cane bagasse and the paper industry's own solid waste makes 77% of the main raw materials of China's paper industry come from all kinds of solid waste, about 20% of energy comes from solid waste, and about 70% - 99% of pulping chemicals come from solid waste generated in the paper-making process. Through cleaner production, "forestry, bamboo industry, agriculture - pulp and biomass energy - paper products - waste paper - recycled pulp - papermaking and biomass energy" has formed a complete set of virtuous circular economy industrial chain

it has developed into a technology intensive industry

the technology and equipment level with more than 70% capacity has reached the international advanced level

Zhao Wei, chairman of the China Paper Association, introduced that in the 70 years of development since the founding of new China, especially in the 40 years of China's reform and opening up, China's paper industry has created an unprecedented development miracle. The output of papermaking has increased from more than 100000 tons in the early days of the founding of new China and less than 4million tons in the early days of reform and opening up to more than 100 million tons at present. In 2008, the total production and consumption were basically balanced, and the era of long-term reliance on "foreign paper" was completely bid farewell to. At present, hundreds of paper varieties have been produced in China, which can basically meet the domestic market demand. Because paper has obvious advantages in performance, cost and environmental protection, all kinds of paper are widely used in industry, agriculture, culture and education, publishing, military industry and other fields. The development of paper industry ensures economic development and people's increasing needs for a better life

what is more noteworthy is that through technological progress, the paper industry has advanced technical equipment and eliminated backward production capacity, which provides a guarantee for the improvement of resource utilization and the progress of environmental governance. Over the past decade, more than 40 million tons of backward production capacity have been eliminated in papermaking. At present, the technology and equipment level of more than 70% of the production capacity of the industry has reached the international advanced or even leading level

modern paper industry has developed into a technology intensive industry. The industry includes many technical fields, which are reflected in high-tech content, high automation, ultra-high manufacturing accuracy and material requirements, and is developing towards informatization, data and intelligence. The data shows that in the past decade, China has carried out research on a number of key projects of the science and technology plan, including the national science and technology support plan project, "863" plan project, natural science foundation project, etc., aiming at the high-value utilization of plant resources, energy conservation and emission reduction in the papermaking process, and the functional application of paper materials, with more than 80 research projects. At the same time, provincial science and technology departments and enterprises have also set up a large number of technology research and development projects in the field of pulp and paper. In the past 10 years, China has obtained 14130 papermaking patents, invested 14.46 billion in research and experimental development, and developed 4537 new product projects, with an investment of 14.57 billion

form a full cycle circular economy system

turn the green, low-carbon and recyclable development characteristics into the focus on the development of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber composite technology industry advantages

in the view of Zhao Wei, President of China Paper Association, the development of high-quality economy and the needs of people's increasingly better life also point out the development direction of the paper industry and provide sustainable (3) public attitude towards the construction of this project; As long as the characteristics of green, low-carbon and recyclable development of the paper industry are transformed into industrial development advantages and a full cycle, more scientific and reasonable circular economic system is formed, the level of sustainable development of the industry will continue to improve

Liu Xiaokai, director of the printing and Distribution Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, holds a similar view. He believes that consumption upgrading is the "pillar" of China's stable economic operation and the "booster" of high-quality development. Promoting the transformation of paper industry from traditional manufacturing and processing industry to production service industry is an important idea and strategic choice to cope with consumption upgrading and achieve sustainable development. Therefore, the industry should strengthen research and development, fully meet the high-end needs of the existing market, constantly tap various potential needs, enrich the cultural connotation of products, expand the scientific and technological content of products, and promote the transformation of the paper industry from focusing on tangible products to focusing on consumer service experience

in addition, the forum also focused on inheriting culture and solving the problems of paper raw materials at the same time; Packaging green development, realize the reduction and reuse of packaging materials and other hot topics, launch a heavy dialogue, and explore an effective path for the green and sustainable development of the paper industry in the future

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