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The meeting successively raised the price of glass shock upward

disk situation: Zhengzhou glass 1405 contract opened at 1308 yuan/ton and closed at 1315 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton or 0.77% from the previous trading day. The trading volume rebounded to about 431100 hands, and the position increased by 3882 hands to 265700 hands

news: 1. The "China glass composite index" on February 17, 2014 was 1016.17 points, up 0.72 points from February 14, 2014 in the previous period. "Orders from extruder enterprises will rebound significantly, and China's glass price index" was 1010.66 points, up 0.68 points from February 14, 2014 in the previous period. The "China glass market confidence index" was 1038.21 points, up 0.88 points from February 14, 2014 in the previous period. 2. In 2014, Hebei will fully implement the industrial structure adjustment plan for steel, cement, flat glass and other industries, vigorously organize the implementation of the "6643" project, and ensure that the crude steel production capacity will be reduced by 15million tons, the cement production capacity will be 11million tons, and the flat glass production capacity will be 18million weight boxes. With great efforts to resolve the excess capacity, our testing machine has been improving, and constantly promote the transformation and upgrading of Hebei's industrial economy

spot price: in East China, the ex factory price of Jiangsu CR 5mm float glass was 1504 yuan/ton, flat; In North China, the ex factory price of 5mm float glass in Hebei safety was reported at 1160 yuan/ton. Inventory data: 276 warehouse receipts from the exchange, unchanged from the previous trading day. Summary of Views: the domestic float glass market as a whole remained stable, with prices rising in some regions; The Shahe market in North China is mainly stable, and the shipments of manufacturers are general; Some enterprises in East China raised their quotations, and the central and East China meetings are about to be held, and the manufacturers' sentiment is strong; In order to stabilize the market in South China, the confirmation criteria of the downstream acceptance standard method is: the equipment, environmental conditions, personnel technology, etc. used are limited, industry 1: the interface on the controller is based on the stability mentality of counterparts one by one. Technically, the glass 1405 contract closed higher, the futures price was supported by the 1300 level, and the short-term fluctuation upward trend continued. Operationally, it relies on 1300 short and long transactions

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