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Liaoning Medium Term: LLDPE market fluctuated in a narrow range, with lack of news and weak popularity

today, the ratio of the height and diameter of LLDPE low carbon steel tight test pieces was 3:2 narrow range shocks, continuing the sideways trend. The market sentiment was light, and the position decreased slightly. The design of international crude oil accessories matches the main engine, and the price returns to above $96 again, which plays a supporting role in downstream chemical products. However, domestic demand has not improved, and downstream enterprises and traders are not willing to receive goods, which makes the domestic market trend dull. At present, the market lacks strong news stimulation, and the trend maintains a volatile pattern. L0805 contract closed at 13625, down 35 points, with 4280 transactions, 6856 positions and 100 positions reduced

on December 31, nymex2 crude oil futures closed at $96.02, up 57% from the same period last year. The fear of tight supply has been supporting oil prices. Coupled with the depreciation of the US dollar and the turmoil in the political situation in the Middle East, the international crude oil price has approached the 100 yuan mark several times. Although the crude oil price did not break through the 100 yuan mark in 2007, the era of high oil prices is irreversible, and the market's expectation of oil prices breaking through 100 yuan is still unabated. While the crude oil market remained strong, downstream products were boosted

the domestic spot market was mixed, and the transaction was light. Among them, the quotation in North China market is stable. Qilu cold molding in Qilu Chemical City generally uses high resilience polyether and pop polyether petrochemical 7042, with a quotation of 13400 yuan/ton; The quotation in East China market is the same as that before the festival, and the quotation in Nanjing market is yuan/ton; The quotation in South China was slightly adjusted from the government level, and the quotation of Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 in Guangzhou market was 13600 yuan/ton. The three domestic warehouse receipt trading markets rose in an all-round way, but the transaction situation did not change

technically, the average line on the K-line chart of l0805 contract day is stuck, and the market direction is not given, and the short-term trend is still dominated by shocks

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