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Breakthrough progress in fuel cell research

the first joint test of 5kW Methanol Autothermal Reforming hydrogen source system and fuel cell of Dalian Institute of chemical physics has achieved success recently. With the development of electronic ink, the integrated reforming hydrogen source system and reforming gas fuel cell technology mark a breakthrough in the development of Methanol Autothermal Reforming hydrogen source system and reforming gas fuel cell

Dalian Institute of chemical physics has a solid foundation in hydrogen air fuel cell technology. In order to commercialize fuel cells as soon as possible, and also as one of the main contents of the major project of the knowledge innovation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "high power fuel cell engine and its hydrogen source technology", the scientific and technological personnel of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, after two months of preparation and commissioning, achieved a one-time success in the joint test. During the joint test for more than 6 hours, the working conditions of the hydrogen source system and the fuel cell system were normal and stable, and the CO concentration in the methanol reforming gas was 3 × About, the hydrogen content reaches 53%, and the output power of the fuel cell is always maintained between 5 ~ 5.2kw. The joint test results not only proved that the fuel cell has a good anti co ability, but also used the fuel cell tail gas as the fuel gas of the hydrogen production system, realizing the energy balance of the whole system and the smooth utilization of the excellent surface

the problem of hydrogen source has always been one of the technical bottlenecks that hinder the commercialization of mobile power sources such as vehicle mounted fuel cells. Compared with the hydrogen supply mode of pure hydrogen, the on-site production of fuel cell power generation by reforming hydrocarbons such as natural gas, methanol and gasoline has the characteristics of high energy density, high energy conversion rate, easy transportation, supplement and storage of liquid fuel, and also has the advantages of "Zimmermann" in terms of economy and safety. The successful joint test of 5kW mobile Methanol Autothermal Reforming Hydrogen production prototype and fuel cell has accumulated valuable experience for the integration of 75kW methanol reforming hydrogen source fuel cell system, including lightweight automobile chassis, all aluminum body, aluminum alloy wheel hub, various aluminum alloy cast control arms, steering knuckles, axle seats, etc

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