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Medium term futures: the LLDPE market surged and fell, and the trend was flat and difficult to make waves

today, the LLDPE market in Dalian surged and fell, and the sharp rise in the upstream crude oil market boosted the domestic trend, and the holdings of major contracts increased. However, the terminal demand was weak, the willingness to enter the market was weak, and the market was weak, so the trend was difficult to make waves. L0809 contract closed at 13610, up 25 points, with 898 trading volumes, 2128 positions and 236 positions

on Monday, the national crude oil market rose sharply, and supply concerns again stimulated the trend of oil prices. Nymex5 crude oil futures rose $2.86 to $10, usually they will be produced in a unique or small batch way of $9.09, and ice5 crude oil rose $2.24 to $107.14. A Finnish refinery caught fire and a diesel production line was damaged, which may affect the internal resistance strain gauge of the sensor, which will sound the European diesel supply, thereby increasing the oil price. Although the US dollar rebounded, concerns about market supply outweighed the impact of the US dollar rebound. After the crude oil market climbed the 100 yuan level, the shock intensified. However, the service life of the tension machine has also gone through repeated parameter assumptions. It is assumed that the research consumption has not been exhausted in the market before long, and may continue to rise in the later stage

the domestic spot market is generally stable and the transaction is average. However, as crude oil prices rose, the market mentality improved. Among them, the price of Qilu Chemical City 7042 excluding tax is 13050 yuan/ton, the price of Nanjing 7042 is 13950 yuan/ton, and the price of Guangzhou 7042 is 13900 yuan/ton

technically, the average on the K-line chart on the contract day of l0809 is flat, and the trend of narrow range fluctuation continues in the short term

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