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Medium term futures: Shanghai glue fell sharply and began neutral adjustment

due to the lack of new positive news, TOCOM glue, which is at a high level, fell sharply. Today, Shanghai glue also fell sharply, and some contracts fell by the limit. The main 809 contract opened higher and fell sharply. The opening price was 28110 yuan, the highest was 28195 yuan, the lowest was 26805 yuan, and the closing price was 26805 yuan, down 1120 yuan compared with the previous trading day. During the session, it once hit the stop price in the process of falling and melting, and the trading was more active, closed at the limit. The trading volume was 579838 hands, and the position was reduced by 11556 hands to 124418 hands compared with July 2

crude oil prices continued to rise. Affected by the tension in the Middle East, the market focused on the US crude oil inventory data released on Wednesday and the European Central Bank's interest rate resolution on Thursday. However, the weather in the main production area of natural rubber has improved recently, and the gradual recovery of supply has hit the confidence of market bulls

Asian spot rubber prices rose slightly on Wednesday, as TOCOM rubber futures prices rebounded, but the trading volume was still slow, and buyers remained vigilant. However, recent demand from China continues to support prices. The rubber supply in Thailand is good. Due to the reduction of rainfall, it is expected to limit the rise in prices. Companies interested in prototype products can use it in specific fields. China Rubber No.3 SCR 5/5# standard glue has a pending order of 658 tons, with an average price of 27564 yuan/ton, but the trading volume is only 90 tons

operationally, multiple orders are reduced and left the market. The forward 0811 contract can be intervened by empty orders after the price rises

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