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Medium term futures: inventory fell again, Shanghai glue continued to fluctuate

the existence of Shanghai glue warehouse rose for three consecutive weeks, and then fell again: according to the weekly inventory report released on July 18, the subtotal of Shanghai glue inventory was 21375 tons, 1020 tons less than last week; Futures Inventory (warehouse receipts) was 14870 tons, 860 tons less than last week. The sharp decline in Shanghai glue inventory has made the tension in the market reappear, and the callback glue price may be temporarily 2 Support was provided to 1 automobile group and 1 automobile Volkswagen with automotive original paint, automotive exhaust catalyst and other products

today is a public holiday in Japan. TOCOM is closed for one day. Last year, Shanghai Jiaotong still maintained a volatile situation. The main 0811 contract analyzed the experimental data around 4.5 all day. It fluctuated around 25920, with an intraday high of 26120 and a low of 25770, closing at 25955 Positions and trading volume shrank slightly compared with the previous trading day. You can get rid of the extension plan "

recently, crude oil has continued to fall, driving the Japanese rubber to fall sharply, and Shanghai Rubber followed the Japanese rubber to fall from a high level to around 26000. However, domestic demand is still strong, and spot prices are strong. Synthetic rubber will not react quickly due to the callback of oil price, because the price of imported oil by petrochemical enterprises is high in the early stage, and it will even raise the price again this week

natural rubber will enter the real peak season of rubber cutting in August, but sporadic rainfall in Thailand and Malaysia has hindered the sowing work. Myanmar, Laos and other countries have also suffered serious losses due to the bad weather in the early stage. The Myanmar rubber growers and producers association previously predicted that the national rubber production in the fiscal year is expected to exceed 80000 tons, of which 50000 tons will be used for export. After the storm, the association correspondingly lowered the estimated output to 70000 to 75000 tons. But generally speaking, the supply is gradually improving

the downward space of Shanghai Jiaotong is suppressed. There must be a battle between the long and short sides around 26000 on 0811. There is still the possibility of closing positions in 0809 contract. The market lacks guidance, and further information is needed. It is suggested that the intraday short-term operation or continue to wait and see, waiting for new trading opportunities

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