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Medium term futures: Shanghai rubber bottom oscillation, short-term lack of guidance

due to the strong rebound of the US dollar index, the US exchange yen continued to strengthen and hit a new high on Friday. Affected by this, TOCOM rubber performed slightly stronger than domestic Shanghai Rubber this week, showing a high oscillation pattern as a whole. On Friday 09, it closed at 294.5 yen, up 1.8 yen. In the case of the expected increase in the supply of fundamentals with the gradual opening of production areas, the medium-term performance was still short, However, under the influence of exchange rate factors, the trend may be more rugged. It is expected that high-level oscillation will prevail in the later stage, and there is still the possibility of weakening in the medium term The upward resistance level of the 09 contract was 296.7 yen, and the downward support level was 277.6 yen

international news, the International Rubber Research Organization (IRSG) recently released the 2007 rubber consumption data provided by the governments of member countries. In 2007, the total consumption of rubber increased by about 6.2% to 22.93 million tons. Among them, the consumption of natural rubber is large, no matter how sniffy you are, it increased by about 5.6% to 9.73 million tons; The consumption of synthetic rubber increased by 6.6%, the second consecutive year of high growth, reaching 13.19 million tons. The output of natural rubber in Thailand, Malaysia and India decreased, while the output of natural rubber in other countries increased, so that the output of natural rubber reached 9.91 million tons; Close the instrument and automatically depressurize; The industrial status and development trend of Chengxiang biomedical materials at home and abroad, and the output of rubber reached 13.58 million tons

according to domestic news, is the analyzer an experimental machine? In fact, many people often mix the two into one. According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, the price of rubber products rebounded higher due to the continuous decline of inventory levels. Driven by this, the overall market price level of means of production monitored last week (April 14-20) increased slightly by 0.1% compared with the previous week (April 7-13). Rubber products rebounded, and the price of rubber products rose slightly by 0.3% last week compared with the previous week. Among them, the prices of imported 3# cigarette glue and domestic 5# standard glue increased by 0.3% compared with the previous week; The prices of styrene butadiene rubber, CIS butadiene rubber and nitrile rubber increased by 0.4%, 0.3% and 0.3% respectively compared with the previous week. Due to the postponement of the tapping period in the two natural rubber producing areas of Hainan and Yunnan, the market inventory has decreased significantly recently. At present, the inventory level of the two production areas has been greatly reduced, and the rubber inventory level of Shanghai Futures Exchange has fallen continuously, and has fallen to the lowest level since 2007

according to the inventory data released by the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Friday, the inventory decreased by 4920 tons to 52755 tons this week. Inventory continued to decline, which played a supporting role in the short-term trend of Shanghai rubber

due to the intertwining of long and short fundamentals of rubber, the supply of rubber entering the tapping period in the late stage is expected to increase, which will make the rubber price short in the medium term. However, the current domestic inventory continues to decline, supporting the rubber price. In addition, the trend of Japanese rubber has also given some support to the domestic market. On the whole, Shanghai Rubber showed a bottom oscillation pattern this week, with 09 contracts closing at 20760 yuan, rising 125 yuan, 7438 positions increased, 70592 positions, and 172870 transactions. On the disk, short-term trading was active. In terms of operation, it is still dominated by intra day short-term trading in the absence of market guidance

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