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Medium term futures: Shanghai Rubber rose and fell, and multiple profits came out.

TOCOM rubber rose and fell on Wednesday, and the 07 contract closed at 303.70 yen. In terms of technical graphics, the overall strength remained strong. The gap was filled on Wednesday, and the quality of materials was not tested. In the short term, it needs to be nearly consolidated at 300 yen. Due to the tightening of fundamental supply and demand, it is possible to continue to strengthen in the later period In terms of spot goods, the spot price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film uss3 fell slightly after TOCOM on Wednesday. C. power system: Panasonic exchange servo electromechanical + Panasonic exchange driver + ball screw (made in Taiwan but with poor versatility) + German reducer + bare rod linear bearing + synchronous belt drive, but the tight supply in winter has supported the price

in the Heai central rubber market, uss3 reported 83.99 baht per kilogram and 84.19 baht per kilogram late yesterday morning. In terms of domestic Shanghai rubber, affected by the rise and fall of the metal market, Shanghai rubber also opened higher and closed lower. The 0805 contract closed at 24030 yuan, fell 5 yuan, increased positions by 1840 hands, held 65700 positions, and traded 80634 hands. On the disk, the rubber market still lacks certain popularity, and the technical indicators show that there is a certain possibility of adjustment. In terms of operation, the original multiple orders make profits, and wait for another opportunity to enter the market in terms of mechanical property experiments of metals, nonmetals, composite materials and products

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