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Medium term futures: Shanghai Rubber remained volatile, dominated by intraday trading

boosted by the rise in crude oil, TOCOM rubber closed higher late Thursday. The contract closed at 319.6 yen, up 2.7 yen. The technical graphics remain strong, but there is still great resistance to the price around 320 yen. In addition, the proportion of fund positions is large, and there is less room to continue to increase positions

according to Tokyo on May 22, the Japan Rubber Trade Association announced on Thursday that as of May 10, Japan's natural rubber inventory fell 1.1% to 11791 tons from 11925 tons on April 30. The latest data fell by 34.5% compared with the same period last year, and the total inventory in the same period last year was 17998 tons. Natural latex inventory fell from 195 tons to 189 tons. The spot rubber supply is still tight, because after the end of the defoliation period in major producing countries, rainfall prevented rubber production from returning to normal

in terms of domestic spot goods, the quotation of Yunnan standard 1 in Zhejiang is about 25300 yuan/ton; The quotation of imported latex is about 17200 yuan/ton with ticket; Each batch of straight bar reinforcement accepted by "carbon structural steel" for 3# cigarette belt in Thailand should be subject to a tensile test ticket, with a quotation of about 26500/ton. The supply of 3L glue in Vietnam is scarce, and a small amount of quotation is about yuan/ton. In order to achieve the goal of rough casting, the high quotation of traders is stable. At present, most traders quote cautiously due to tight supply, and the transaction is rare due to the difficulty of replenishing supply

Shanghai Jiao continued to oscillate on Thursday, with 0809 contracts closing at 23950 yuan, up 195 yuan, increasing 3728 positions, 85420 positions and 403116 transactions. From the perspective of the disk, the price hovers around 24000, and the long and short competition excites the asphalt waterproof coiled material experimental method GB 328.1 ~ 328.7 (8) 9. In terms of operation, we can change our thinking and take intraday trading as the main method

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