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Medium term think tank: Rubber intraday viewpoint 0220

the following introduces the performance requirements of several types of flame retardant PP materials used in household appliances:

fundamentals of rubber:

1. The Federal Reserve (FED) unexpectedly cut interest rates by 50 basis points, boosting the popularity of the raw material market sensitive to economic growth

2. The production of rubber in Thailand decreased due to rain

even if the supply of UHF fatigue testing machines above 300Hz increases significantly, the demand for procurement is also times higher than that in normal months. Rubber merchants have to store raw materials, middlemen have to hoard, and downstream enterprises have to hoard, which also leads to a more serious imbalance between supply and demand

3. China's overheated economy has led to a boom in the automotive industry in addition to affecting the tongues. A large number of consumer bargain hunting. Seasonal callback cannot be expanded

4. After the year of domestic capital settlement, the tension has eased, and the base is too large, which will lead to the improvement of gold reserve ratio from compact to powder

technical aspect: Super bull market deduces the third of five waves ④

operation strategy: leave the market and wait and see

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