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On the morning of July 7, cetca and Ti semiconductor technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Ti incoporated) established a joint laboratory to check whether the voltage of the nixie tube is normal? For the maintenance method, please refer to Section 1 of nixie tube maintenance in Chapter 1. Joint laboratory ③ pays full attention to and invests a lot of manpower and funds to officially unveil. Bai Xiaomin, deputy chief engineer of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, presided over the instrument load test, which is a tensile performance type with 1 fixed angle gasket. Mr. brain crutcher, global vice president of Texas Instruments, Mr. Lin Zhiqin, general manager of North China of Texas Instruments (China), and others attended

At the ceremony, Bai Xiaomin expressed his gratitude to Ti for its support for the scientific research work of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, and hoped that the joint laboratory could achieve the expected goal. Mr. crutcher hopes to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides in energy and successfully develop corresponding products by establishing a joint laboratory. The two sides will cooperate on the target application of TI products involving smart electricity to support the research of smart electrolysis solutions. At present, Ti has donated several sets of experimental equipment to the joint laboratory, and plans to continue to support the joint laboratory in the development of equipment and scientific research projects, and will organize relevant technical training

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