Enthusiasm for playing games, 53 square meters of

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Interior decoration has always been my favorite topic. But I am duty bound to take this “ Project ” At that time, I had only one hobby and eight years of experience in building a house in the Sims, and I knew almost nothing about the required knowledge of civil and masonry work, which was also regarded as an ignorant person fearless

but after all, I have been down-to-earth, searching for information all over the network, and learned a lot of useful knowledge. I found a decoration team and packed auxiliary materials. After more than two months of miserable and tiring days, it was finally completed! Looking at my house, I suddenly felt a kind of unspeakable satisfaction. We didn't keep anything original. It can be said that every point in it is the crystallization of our efforts

comfortable living room, see that reclining chair

standing in the living room looking at the refrigerator





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