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Since an unprecedented environmental storm swept the home furnishing industry at the end of 2016, all walks of life have been comprehensively implementing the concept of environmental protection and low carbon, and the concept of environmental protection and low carbon life has also become a global hot topic. Then, in the current wardrobe consumption market, under the multiple influence of relevant policies, wardrobe enterprises adhere to the environmental protection line, which has become an inevitable topic. Wardrobe enterprises should fully implement the concept of environmental protection, and customize the furniture brand Deville throughout the house

keep up with the development trend of the market and enhance the competitiveness of wardrobe enterprises

as the low-carbon issue has increasingly become a hot spot, more and more people begin to low-carbon. Relevant experts predict that the world has entered the era of low-carbon revolution, which will have a great impact on the development mode of wardrobe Enterprises and people's lifestyle in all aspects. In the near future, more and more people will choose to buy low-carbon wardrobe products

however, looking at today's wardrobe industry, low-carbon is still in a new and undeveloped situation, and the problems of high mining, high emissions and high pollution will still exist. In the context of low-carbon economy, only by following the trend can wardrobe enterprises enhance their competitiveness

comprehensively improve the environmental protection awareness of wardrobe enterprises and put it into practice

driven by environmental protection, many wardrobe enterprises' environmental protection is only superficial, and even some enterprises take "low carbon" as a publicity gimmick of products, which has not really been implemented. They think this is a concept worth borrowing. For example, wardrobe manufacturers will say that reducing pollution and emissions is low-carbon circulation. "A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets". Different wardrobe enterprises also have different understandings of environmental protection topics. If the concept of low-carbon can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and become the conscious action of wardrobe enterprises, it may not be a great thing to promote the improvement of product quality in the industry

in fact, the wardrobe industry has maintained a relatively rapid development in recent years, which also means that the internal competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. It is very important to respond to the national environmental protection policy and practice a low-carbon economy. At present, many wardrobe enterprises have begun to pay attention to this area and produced more and more green wardrobe products to meet the market demand

nowadays, in China's wardrobe industry, green, healthy and environmental protection has become a trend. The environmental protection market has become a must for wardrobe enterprises. The construction of "low-carbon" brand will also be a new direction for the development of wardrobe enterprises in the future

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