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modern home decoration is inseparable from beautiful kitchen cabinets! Now let's learn about kitchen cabinets bit by bit

choosing kitchen cabinets is the most important link in kitchen decoration. The domestic kitchen cabinets on the market range from 800-5000 linear meters, and the imported kitchen cabinets range from 70008000 linear meters, but what is the difference behind the price

1. First, let's talk about the cabinet and its practice. The cabinet is generally made of particleboard with moisture-proof agent. The main reason is that the shape of moisture-proof particleboard is relatively stable, which is conducive to machine processing and can have a certain moisture-proof effect. The best moisture-proof particleboard are German Aijia board and domestic Lushuihe particleboard

2. Many kitchen cabinet salesmen say it's Aijia board from Austria. In fact, Aijia is the name of a company. The company is in Germany and has a production plant in Austria. The early icon floor was produced by this company. The wood used to make particleboard is mainly crushed by some fast-growing forests, glued and pressed by high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, the quality of particleboard mainly depends on the density, bonding degree and environmental protection performance. The environmental protection of Aijia board can reach European E0 level, and the domestic Lushui River can reach European E1 level. We all have this experience. Inferior kitchen cabinets and furniture have a particularly strong smell. This is mainly due to the use of particleboard with excessive formaldehyde. Compared with large core board, particleboard with excessive formaldehyde is more serious, because relatively speaking, particleboard needs more glue to bond. I think it's enough to meet the E1 level. E0 level things are too expensive, and the furniture at home can't be all E0 level (unless you are a super rich man and buy all the solid wood furniture from the top 100 of the century)

3. From the perspective of structure, high-quality kitchen cabinet products should be slotted and inserted plates on the back plate, which are connected by turnbuckles in other places. Because the binding force of particleboard is not very good (worse than large core board, better than density board), do not use nails. At present, there are not many manufacturers who can slot and insert plates on the back plate in the market, and there are not many who dare to take out box structure samples to show you. Probably limited to a few. Slotting and inserting the back plate is to slot the side plate of the cabinet and insert the back plate to strengthen the fastness of the cabinet

4. Besides the panel, the panel is the face of the kitchen cabinet. In fact, to be honest, that is, the melamine decorative panel, the fireproof board, the blister can be used as the kitchen cabinet panel, and the spray paint board and the paint baking board are also together. Other messy things are things with Chinese characteristics. First of all, the crystal plate is aging, soft and afraid of friction. The most deceptive thing is the crystal plate. Then there is baking paint. Although the sales lady vowed that * * * is a baking paint process product, let's think about it a little. Baking paint is a process of automotive paint, and domestic automotive paint skills are not very good. When will it be transplanted to the kitchen cabinet again? Baking varnish is most afraid of bumping. Once it is damaged in the future, users have little possibility to repair it. Another problem with baking paint is that it is too expensive! It can cost more than twice as much as trihydrogen ammonia board

5. Melamine decorative panels and fire-proof panels are ideal kitchen cabinet panel materials, especially fire-proof panels. In fact, we say that fire-proof panels only refer to a layer of 1mm veneer pasted outside the door panel. The inside of fire-proof panels is usually particleboard. Fire-proof panels have several advantages over melamine decorative panels. First, the strength of fire-proof panels is high, and the strength of melamine decorative panels is much worse than 1mm fire-proof panels. Second, there are many colors of fire-proof panels, Generally, large factories have hundreds of designs and colors to choose from. Fourth, fireproof boards are flame-retardant

6. The famous fire-proof board brands include American weishengya, Korean LG, Formica, etc. Weishengya is the best. The biggest problem of domestic fireproof boards is that they are less in design and color, and are mostly used for veneering inside kitchen cabinets. The main problem of fireproof board is "edge banding". Generally, PVC strips or aluminum alloys are used for edge banding. Large factories have special PVC hot melt edge banding machines, which use very regular 1-2mm thick edge banding of cabinet doors. Some small factories use very thin PVC and glue by hand, which cracks after a long time. In addition, the fireproof board should be glued to the particleboard. There is no professional machine, and it will pack up after a long time




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