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With the increasingly fierce competition in the home furnishing market, enterprises are required to survive and develop in the environment of industry competition. Shengshi manor will work with you to analyze the current situation of the industry and seek a new path for the development of the industry

as people have higher and higher requirements for home life, whether furniture design conforms to the trend and whether materials are environmentally friendly and healthy have become the priority factors in furniture selection. The introduction of the environmental protection law last year has made the home furnishing industry face a new round of challenges. Not only that, the emergence of new marketing mode has also made the home furnishing industry much impacted. The home furnishing industry has experienced many years of development. Is the market scale expected to grow? What is the future market space? These have become the problems that enterprises have to face. At present, the atmosphere of the home furnishing market is depressed and the industry competition is increasing day by day. Facing this situation, Shengshi manor believes that only by constantly changing and updating, can the home furnishing enterprises keep pace with the development of the times

first, household enterprises need to pay more attention to environmental protection

smog is rampant, causing unprecedented attention to indoor decoration pollution and indoor air quality. In the middle of 2015, more attention will be focused on the field of environmental protection, and of course, there will be more environmental protection and green actions. The environmental protection of home itself, such as the control of harmful substances and the environmental protection performance of auxiliary materials used in the processing process, will be on the desk of high-end home brands. With stricter environmental protection quality, it is possible to win a larger market share

second, high-end home design is beginning to follow the low-key luxury route

high end home design is beginning to follow the low-key luxury and light luxury route. In its design, it attracts multiple classical, warm and comfortable, personalized, high-tech and other elements, and focuses on distinctive and elegant style, pursues high-end and noble artistic vision, and creates the top enjoyment of life. New wealth people and intellectual elites are more willing to accept such a light luxury standard: define the high-end from the aspects of modeling, lines, painting, carving, painting, patterns, crafts, materials and so on

design is alive, and home is also alive. A kind of home design with texture and vitality, although it can't speak for itself, can meet the owners' inner desire for living and share their worries

high end home design begins to show an understanding of function and space and spiritual thinking, deeply insight into the needs of different groups, pay attention to the atmosphere that can be created after different home combinations, and give consumers a spiritual sustenance. Of course, the focus is on expressing users' aesthetic and life attitudes

people yearn for nature and live in a natural green environment. This appeal has obviously affected the design and production trend of high-end home furnishings, such as American Sunshine Coast leisure style, British rural style, French rural style, etc., which are the implementers of this trend. The precious tree species in nature, the shapes of various plants, and the texture and color of all natural things continue to act as the source of inspiration for home design

a high-quality classical home is actually a work of art with both collection value and use value. With the enrichment of material wealth and the improvement of cultural level, people will put forward requirements for the artistic sense of home furnishing. For example, the use of hundreds of Chinese cultural elements and European Renaissance design elements are of great use

third, the popularity of smart home will lead the market trend

with the progress of smart home, some homes will also adopt more modern scientific and technological means

industrial production not only creates rich materials, but also leaves a stereotype. Household products with little difference in shape, color and carving make it difficult for people to pay attention to them. Personalized customization is breaking this impasse and realizing on-demand customization according to everyone or every very small group

in the design circle, fashion is an eternal topic. Home pursues fashion, but goes beyond fashion. Drawing new inspiration from nature and various cultures is the expression of fashion. Of course, bold innovation is also fashionable. Avant garde color matching, never seen carving patterns, etc., are all fashionable

in the high-end home market, the awakening of brand awareness is so surging. Both imported home furnishings and local home furnishings have been put into the work of improving brand influence. On the other hand, owners are no longer blind when choosing home furnishings, and brand factors will account for a considerable proportion of the impact on purchase decisions

facing many challenges in the home market, Shengshi manor will work with you to promote the reform and transformation of the industry, jointly realize the upgrading and development of enterprises, and build a leading brand in the industry




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