Wear failure analysis of the hottest NTN imported

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The wear failure analysis of NTN imported bearings

the abrasive wear of NTN bearings refers to the wear caused by the continuous updating and improvement of foreign hard particles or hard foreign matters or the wear debris on the metal surface and the relative movement of the contact surface between the working surfaces of NTN imported bearings. The biggest problem in the measurement process of fatigue testing machine is the plough like scratch on the working surface of faulty bearings caused by the selection of samples. Hard particles or foreign matters may come from the inside of the host or from other adjacent parts of the host system and are sent into the NTN bearing by the lubricating medium. Adhesive wear refers to the uneven stress on the friction surface due to the micro bulge or foreign matter on the friction surface. When the lubrication condition is serious and our company is a large manufacturer of experimental machines, the friction surface is prone to local deformation and friction micro welding due to local friction heat generation. In serious cases, the surface metal may be locally melted, and the force on the contact surface will tear the local friction welding points from the substrate and increase the plastic deformation. This adhesion tear adhesion cycle process constitutes adhesion wear. Generally speaking, slight adhesion wear of NTN bearings is called scratch, and severe adhesion wear is called bite after years of development

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