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Weekly highlights of major events in the construction machinery industry (special part)

weekly highlights of major events in the construction machinery industry (special part)

China Construction Machinery Information

this week's highlights: even though the epidemic situation is cold and cold, the world still has boundless love - the documentary of construction machinery enterprises rushing to aid Wuhan to fight the epidemic situation, A "no smoke of gunpowder" war started quietly in the national region centered on Wuhan: the novel coronavirus pneumonia, which began to spread in Wuhan, began to rage during the Spring Festival

in the face of serious epidemic situation, the construction machinery reporters did not smell the pungent smell in the process of traditional plastic processing. The industry mobilized at the first time and rushed to Wuhan for support. At the same time, it actively donated money and materials, fought back against the rampant virus with firm action, used human love, and offered the warmth and affection of Engineering robots to the society


on the evening of January 23, after receiving the news about the construction of Huoshen Mountain hospital, XCMG immediately contacted China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. Wuhan bangdayou, a customer of XCMG in Hubei, immediately took action and quickly formed a Huoshen mountain supply team to summon mixer trucks and drivers to stand by at any time. On the morning of the 24th, all 10 mixer trucks and drivers were assembled and arrived at China Construction Commercial Concrete Yongfeng plant. Then they filled with concrete and rushed to the construction site of huoshenshan hospital. At 9:00 a.m. on the 26th, the city implemented traffic control, and all construction mixers of XCMG had obtained permits in advance. At present, 33 XCMG equipment are operating on site, including 10 XCMG excavators, 3 XCMG rollers, 10 XCMG cranes and 10 mixing trucks

XCMG Brazil has raised more than 50000 Brazilian reais (more than 80000 yuan) from Chinese employees. The Brazilian employees' donations are still in progress. The raised funds will purchase nearly 10000 pieces of masks, protective clothing and other medical materials in short supply in the domestic epidemic areas in Brazil. On February 1, XCMG Brazil will fly to Wuhan by a special plane to cross the ocean and tide over the difficulties with its compatriots in the epidemic areas

as of February 1, XCMG has purchased more than 10000 medical masks, 100000 N95 masks, 8000 sets of protective clothing and 5000 sets of goggles in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, including Oman, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Germany, with a total value of millions of yuan


Zoomlion contacted China Construction Third Engineering Bureau immediately after receiving the information, and the company convened a meeting overnight. On January 24, Zoomlion rushed to the front line in Wuhan with 13 excavators, 7 cranes, 2 pump trucks, 9 mixer trucks and other equipment. It participated in the construction of emergency projects with the Third Engineering Bureau of China Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. with a number of customers. The professional service technical engineers were on standby. Once they received the instructions, they immediately went to the front line

currently, Zoomlion has purchased masks, protective clothing, goggles and other key protective materials from Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and other parts of the world. On February 2, the first batch of 526000 masks and a total of 184 boxes of supplies were sent to China by China Southern Airlines free of charge and will be donated to front-line medical personnel through Hunan Red Cross Society


Sany Heavy industry urgently mobilized agents and customers to rush for help, and constructed a full range of engineering machinery and equipment such as excavators, concrete pump trucks, cranes, etc. On January 27, Sany pumping Hubei agent took the lead in setting up a Wuhan support team, which was equipped with 8 Sany pump trucks, 35 Sany mixer trucks and three service engineers to participate in the construction of Wuhan Leishen mountain and Huoshen mountain hospitals. The 24-hour shift was implemented on site to replace the damaged parts and repair the equipment. In addition, six Sany pump trucks participated in the construction of Henan version of "Xiaotangshan Hospital", and almost all the pumping equipment of the project came from Sany

on January 30, 55000 masks purchased by SANY Southeast Asia region from Thailand arrived in Changsha. This is the first batch of medical supplies urgently purchased by SANY from the world. This batch of masks will be donated to the Red Cross Society of Hunan Province; In the next three days, Sany will also ship more than 50000 pieces of protective clothing and nearly 100000 masks to China

Shanhe intelligent

Shanhe intelligent cooperated with Hubei agent jingangshanhe and other companies to organize resources at the first time, mobilized 10000 masks, 100 boxes of mineral water and 100 boxes of barreled instant noodles, and sent them to the construction site of Caidian Zhiyin Lake "Huoshen mountain" hospital under intense construction that night. On January 28, the equipment of Wuhan leishenshan hospital aided by Shanhe intelligent arrived at the construction site of the hospital and was put into use quickly


after receiving the information, Liugong immediately linked up with Liugong Hubei direct sales company to form a construction machinery support team to actively contact the customers, urgently dispatched the customers' excavators, rollers and cranes to the construction front of the construction sites of Leishen mountain and Huoshen mountain, and concentrated the remaining employees on the surrounding sites for 24-hour uninterrupted construction

On January 26, Liugong donated 10000 masks to the Red Cross Hospital in Jiangxia District, Wuhan. Liugong's machinery and equipment also played an important role in rural areas, striving to fight the battle of rural epidemic prevention. On February 2, Liugong donated 50000 medical masks to the Guangxi Autonomous Region and Liuzhou City headquarters for combating pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus


the caterpillar Foundation donated US $250000 to the China Women's development foundation to support the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia, provide urgently needed medical protective equipment for front-line medical institutions, and support front-line medical staff and poor patients


Cummins announced on February 2 that it would donate 3million yuan in advance to contribute to the fight against the epidemic with the Chinese people. Cummins will cooperate with the China Women's development foundation to ensure that donations are used to fight against the epidemic of green buildings in China. At present, Cummins is vigorously promoting the procurement of materials related to the epidemic of green buildings and supporting the guarantee of daily necessities for medical staff, front-line staff and poor patients in Hubei and other places. Meanwhile, Cummins institutions in China, including Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company and Chongqing Cummins engine company, are also actively donating money and materials to support the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection

On January 28, the State Machinery Group donated 30million yuan to Hubei Province to further support Hubei Province in combating the epidemic, and helped to win the battle without gunsmoke at an early date with the great love and the spirit of watching and helping each other


the equipment Shantui participated in the construction of Wuhan Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals is mainly bulldozers, with a number of about ten. It is mainly the super wetland customized bulldozer (sd16tl) specially developed by Shantui for the working conditions in Hubei region, which is suitable for the working conditions in soft wetlands. It is known as the "little overlord of wetlands". The technical service personnel of Shantui Hubei area also arrived at the construction site. In order not to affect the construction, they have been waiting outside in order to solve the technical problems in time. On January 26, more than a dozen Taishan bulldozers left the site after successfully completing their tasks. As a big influencer of the construction machinery industry media founded in 1999, China Construction Machinery Information () issued a proposal for epidemic prevention and control in the industry to pay tribute to all the anti epidemic medical staff, staff, police officers, taxi drivers, engineering construction personnel and the rebels who rushed to Wuhan all over the country! "No force can stop the Chinese people and the Chinese nation from moving forward. It will take 450 years before the destruction can be resolved". Let us work together, unite as one, overcome difficulties, race against time, and resolutely win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic

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