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Weekly report of the paper industry: the price drop is less than the weakness of paper making

the paper making sector lags behind the market

the paper making sector fell by 6.9% this week, while the CSI 300 index fell by 2.88% in the same period, and the sector lags behind the market by 4 percentage points. Among them, 8 key papermaking companies fell by 8.69%, 5.8 percentage points behind the market

key company dynamics

Zhongshun jierou has great pressure on the production capacity of household paper throughout the year, with a new production capacity of 1.3 million tons. If measured by the consumption of 600000 tons, there is about 700000 tons of excess capacity. Due to fierce competition in the industry, we expect that the average price of household paper will decline as a whole by about 5%

brand and market are the main D sample clamping end diameter barriers in industry competition. The market share of leading enterprises will continue to expand, and new enterprises will face greater competitive pressure. Zhongshun jierou will further strengthen the promotion and promotion, and gradually expand to East and North China with South China as the center; At present, the company's production capacity has reached 330000 tons, which is expected to increase to 530000 tons in the first quarter of next year; For a long time, the company has focused on the technical development path of plastic granulator, analyzed the R & D and promotion of new products, and is always at the forefront of the market with the launch of Q mini series, which has entered Wal Mart and other shopping malls. At present, the sales situation is good, and the monthly production and sales volume in 2014 reached 600~700 tons

the price of paper fell in June and the output fell in May on a month on month basis

from the monthly data, except for coated paper, the price of white cardboard rose 0.77% on a month on month basis, and the price of other paper types fell on a month on month basis, including double offset paper fell 0.51%, white board paper fell 1.01%, paper fell 8.91% and box board paper fell 2.45%. In May, the output of machine-made paper and paperboard was 10.1198 million tons, down 3.87% month on month and 1.16% year on year

among them, the output of paper decreased by 2.53% year on year, the output of uncoated printing and writing paper decreased by 3.06%, the output of carton board decreased by 8.61% year on year, and the output of corrugated boxes increased by 5.23% year on year. The price drop of the industry has decreased, and the recovery still needs time

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