Weekly report of bisphenol a market on the 13th

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On the 13th, bisphenol a market weekly report

from last week to this week, the domestic bisphenol a market rose first and then declined, and the market price gradually weakened. In terms of domestic manufacturers, only Bluestar UHV power transmission has become the third card made in China after high-speed rail and nuclear power. Wuxi resin factory, a new material, has offered a quotation (still 12800 yuan/ton). In terms of imported goods, the quotation in the East China market this Monday was 12500 yuan/ton, and the quotation in the North China market was 13000 yuan/ton

I. domestic trade market

East China. The market price is 12500 yuan/ton, an increase of 300 yuan/ton compared with the previous period. At the beginning of last week, the market transaction price in East China was about 12200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price rose to 12500 ~ 12600 yuan/ton in the middle of last week; From the end of last week to this Monday, the downstream purchase intention continued to be flat, causing traders' confidence to waver, and the mainstream transaction price fell slightly to 12500 yuan/ton. For market participants, the recent arrival of imported goods in Hong Kong, the stabilization of the high price of epichlorohydrin and the downturn of downstream demand are the main factors leading to the instability of the market; As far as the downstream is concerned, most buyers are cautious about the fluctuation of the market, but the market atmosphere is OK due to the basic recovery of construction

Huangshan area. The market price is 12700 ~ 12800 yuan/ton, an increase of 500 yuan/ton compared with the previous period. On Monday, when most of the Underground Tour solid epoxy resin manufacturers were on the sidelines, the local bisphenol A traders offered few quotations. See the registration form for the charging standard. The transaction price of E-12 (604) resin in the region rose sharply to 19500 ~ 19800 yuan/ton, an increase of 700 ~ 800 yuan/ton compared with last week. The transaction was average

North China. The market price is 13000 yuan/ton, an increase of 500 yuan/ton compared with last week. On Monday, there was still no sales of local domestic goods, and the transaction of imported goods was stable

II. The import market

from last week to this week, bisphenol A suppliers have strong intention to support the price, and domestic buyers have few inquiries, so the transaction is not active

III. The 16000 T/a unit of the manufacturer

Bluestar new material Wuxi resin plant is in the process of shutdown and transformation. The 25000 T/a unit was partially shut down in the early stage and has been fully loaded. The ex factory quotation is 12800 yuan/ton, an increase of 800 yuan/ton over the early stage; The 10000t/a unit of Tianjin Shuangfu Co., Ltd. continues to be in the shutdown state and stops external sales

IV. upstream product

phenol. From last week to this week, under the pressure of raw material cost, domestic manufacturers continuously raised the ex factory price, the atmosphere of phenol market was warmed up before the full commencement of downstream, and the market price in most regions was in a "heat preservation" state. As for the manufacturers, since last Monday, the price of Sinopec Sales Shanghai Branch has been raised by 150 yuan/ton twice. At present, the ex factory price of phenol is 9150 yuan/ton; The two major companies in Shanghai and Beijing have good sales and reasonable inventory. As for imported goods, as of this Monday, the market price of imported goods in East China was around 9300 yuan/ton, basically the same as last week, and there was no significant increase in the delivery volume of the main engine maintenance method of the universal testing machine for the time being; The mainstream transaction price in Central China is 9500 ~ 9600 yuan/ton, an increase of about 100 yuan/ton compared with the previous period, and the transaction is average; The mainstream transaction price of phenol in South China is 9500 ~ 9700 yuan/ton, which is about 100 yuan/ton higher than that in the previous period. The local downstream starts slowly and the transaction is not active

v. related products

epichlorohydrin. From last week to this week, the domestic epichlorohydrin market price was stable after a slight rise. With the continuous recovery of downstream factory production, market participants are confident that the future price will remain stable. It is reported that the units of three domestic manufacturers started normally on Monday, and there is no intention of price adjustment in the short term. Among them, Qilu Petrochemical 32000 T/a unit is operating at full capacity, the inventory is low, and the price remains stable at 19500 yuan/T; The 28000 T/a unit of Tianjin Chemical operates at full capacity, basically without inventory, and the selling price is 19400 yuan/ton; Baling Petrochemical's 32000 T/a unit is fully utilized in the manufacturing of electronic universal testing machine. The products are mainly for self use a small amount of export. Refer to the transaction price of 19400 yuan/ton (the above prices are delivered from East China)

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