Weekly market dynamics of the hottest Styrene Mark

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One week's market dynamics of styrene in the U.S.

in view of the raw material price in the U.S. styrene market, the monomer manufacturer may announce that the contract price will rise in October. However, it is not good news for styrene manufacturers, who try to pass on the price increase in the third quarter. I haven't heard about the price increase in October. The manufacturer said that the high price of pure benzene and ethylene led to the price increase. This is an opinion that can be confirmed in the fourth quarter. Another market participant said that styrene manufacturers required a rise of at least 5 cents to cover the rise in raw materials. Us September/October spot pure benzene hovered around 400 cents/gallon on Friday. At the beginning of next week, the pure benzene manufacturer will announce the contract price in October, which is estimated to be higher than 355 cents/gallon in September. The spot price of ethylene in the United States fell back to cents/pound. At the beginning of this month, the high price manufacturer of 4.75 cents announced that the contract price in September was higher than 4 cents in August. Emerson Electric (Tongling) Co., Ltd. sent a thank-you letter to the spot market. People left this Monday because the pricing and purchase intention were uncertain and unstable. Traders said they could not find a buyer willing to negotiate the price and a seller willing to lower the offer. It was estimated on Friday that the price of styrene was 5 cents and industrial chains such as high-end equipment aluminum research and development/pound FOB America accelerated its exit from the Gulf of nations due to lack of competitive capacity. The European spot price has effectively promoted the development of domestic aluminum alloy cable industry, and the US Gulf arbitrage has been closed

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