Weekly report of the hottest glass spot market

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Weekly report of glass spot market

on November 11th, 2016, China glass (0.94+5.62%) composite index was 1078. 15 points, up -3 month on week. 46 points, up 188 points year-on-year. 65 points; China glass price index 1083. 84 points, up -3 month on week. 53 points, up 205 points year-on-year. 77 points; China Glass confidence index 1055. 39 points, up -2 month on week. 96 points, up 120 points year-on-year. 1. Build 6 global super large optical communication whole industry chain bases integrating optical fiber preform, optical fiber and optical cable, optical devices and raw and auxiliary supporting materials. The overall trend of the spot market this week was acceptable, the production and sales of production enterprises were basically balanced, and the market price was mainly stable. Affected by the snow and the high inventory of some manufacturers, the price adjustment in Northeast China is relatively large, and has a certain impact on the adjacent Beijing Tianjin Hebei market. The suspension of all the lattice glass production lines in Shahe area has a certain positive effect on the local and nearby ultra-thin glass. At the same time, it also has an impact on increasing the demand for some varieties of ordinary thin plates for construction. As a result, the price of some thin plates is in short supply and the price rises slightly, and the outflow of thick plates from the warehouse is slightly slowed down. Recently, the price of soda ash has increased greatly, and the supply has continued to progress, resulting in a month on month increase in glass production costs

at present, the average price of white glass in China is 1486 yuan, up -5 yuan from last week and 289 yuan from last year. At the weekend, the capacity utilization rate of float glass was 73. 29%; Up -0 month on week. 29%, up 3% year on year. 13%。 The production capacity in process was 92454 heavy containers, an increase of -3.6 million heavy containers compared with last week, and an increase of 59.22 million heavy containers compared with last year. At the weekend, the industrial inventory was 31.87 million heavy containers, an increase of -140000 heavy containers compared with last week and -480000 heavy containers compared with last year. Weekend inventory days 12. 58 days, up -0 month on week. 01 days, a year-on-year increase of -1. 06 days

macro level:

the property market has been regulated for more than one month. From the perspective of trading volume and price, the effect of this round of regulation has gradually emerged. Credit is an important factor affecting the real estate market. From the perspective of the measures taken in Shanghai, the entry of illegal funds into the real estate market will be more strictly restricted. Recently, Shanghai has adopted strict regulation and control policies on the real estate financial market, especially the continuous tightening of housing credit to curb irrational purchase demand. On November 3, the resolution on earnestly implementing the spirit of Shanghai's real estate regulation and promoting the orderly operation of the real estate financial market was issued. The specific measures include: carefully assessing the borrower's family's debt paying ability, and strictly prohibiting disguised evasion of the regulation and control policies and housing credit management regulations; Prevent credit and other funds, especially financial funds, from illegally entering the land market

with the recovery of coal prices, the power generation industry at the other end of the "seesaw" gradually bid farewell to the golden age. In the face of market uncertainty, coal enterprises and power enterprises began to cooperate. According to the official of Huadian Group, on November 8, Huadian Group and state power investment signed medium - and long-term contract agreements with Shenhua Group and China Coal Group at the headquarters of Huadian Group. On November 9, xukunlin, Deputy Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission, said bluntly at the press conference that the national development and Reform Commission attached great importance to the above agreement. This time, the medium and long-term contract clarified the pricing mechanism, determined the basic price of thermal coal, and highlighted the performance guarantee. "Relevant parties will give corresponding support." This time, coal enterprises and power enterprises have made many concessions on the basis of profits

from the regional perspective, the prices of some manufacturers in East and central China rose slightly, the prices in South China were mainly stable, the prices in Northeast China and Beijing Tianjin Hebei region were relatively large, and the prices in southwest and Northwest China fluctuated in a narrow range. We should pay more attention to some details when using them, which was relatively stable

in terms of production capacity, a 600 ton pipeline in Shanxi has been shut down for cold repair

regional trend:

the overall trend of the East China market this week was acceptable, the production and sales of the manufacturers were basically balanced, and the quotations of some manufacturers increased slightly. On the whole, the current downstream market demand in East China is acceptable. After the rational return of the falsely high prices of the early-stage production enterprises, the price difference with the surrounding markets has also remained relatively balanced, and the production and sales situation of the production enterprises has improved to a certain extent. At the same time, new progress has also been made in the road transportation super large version, which promotes the speed of factory delivery. Recently, the number of glass flowing into Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in Hubei has decreased slightly, which has also eased the sales pressure of local manufacturers. For the later market trend, manufacturers and traders expressed relative caution. The fall in market prices in the north also had a certain impact on East China

the overall trend of the South China market this week was good, the production and sales rate of production enterprises maintained the previous level, and the market price continued to run at a high level. At present, the climate in South China and other regions is suitable for construction, the glass orders in the real estate market and foreign trade export are at a normal level, and the downstream customers basically recognize the current spot price. In the short term, the traders and processing and the purchase quantity maintain the previous level. The production and sales of the production enterprises are normal, and they are relatively cautious about the market price adjustment, mainly because they organize too much external glass to enter. The overall market trend in Central China is normal. The price rise this week is mainly aimed at local users, and the prices of shipping users remain unchanged

the overall trend of the North China market this week was acceptable, the production and sales of production enterprises were basically normal, the inventory of some manufacturers increased slightly, and the market price showed a trend of regional differentiation. The warehouse out in Shahe area was basically normal, and the price of some sheet glass rose slightly. Affected by the shutdown of lattice glass, the prices of local and surrounding ultra-thin glass increased, and 3. 5 and 3. The demand for 8mm and other products also tends to increase, and the quotations of some manufacturers rise by about 10 yuan. Affected by the operation of the new production line, the delivery of thick plate glass has slowed down and the price pressure has increased. Production and sales of production enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region are weak, and market prices are loose

future overview:

after the current spot market is in the process of changing from peak season to off-season, only the market demand in Northeast and northwest regions has decreased significantly, while the south of North China is still in a stable state, and the orders of processing enterprises are acceptable. The production enterprises also take advantage of the current opportunity to increase the outbound and withdrawal funds as much as possible, so as to lay a foundation for later price adjustment. The rising prices of raw materials such as soda ash and coal, as well as the implementation of environmental protection policies, have significantly increased production costs, and manufacturers' willingness to support prices has increased. For the later market trend, traders and processing enterprises are cautious. Although the current demand is acceptable, there has been a large number of production resumption since this year, especially the designers must understand that it is in North China and other regions, which has a certain restrictive effect on the later market price

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