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Photovoltaic market ushered in a real sense of "adult ceremony" leading enterprises: This is the most market-oriented photovoltaic new deal over the years

on February 18, the National Energy Administration invited 20 enterprises to participate in the 2019 Seminar on the management methods of photovoltaic power stations. The meeting revealed that the plastic granulator industry should constantly improve the technical level, and there will be major mechanism innovation in the construction and management of photovoltaic power generation in China this year. More than 50 representatives from state-owned power enterprises such as SDIC, CGN and Three Gorges group and private photovoltaic leading enterprises such as GCL group, Tongwei group, Chint new energy, Longji Co., Ltd. and TBEA attended the symposium

at the symposium, the energy administration revealed a series of new photovoltaic policies. The industry has given a high parity to this new policy

around this new policy measure, Yao Feng, vice president of Jingke energy, made an in-depth analysis:

first, this is the most market-oriented photovoltaic policy document over the years, and the competent department has shown the greatest sincerity, although the starting point may be "Lao Tze doesn't care, let you go shopping". In short, the rules are at least fair

second, although the rules are fair, the starting point, endowment, resources and power of investment enterprises are naturally unfair, and the future competition will return to the competition of kWh cost

third, among the factors that affect the cost of kilowatt hour power, the cost is almost the same, and the development cost will not be much different. The capital cost and income tolerance and the spillover effect of photovoltaic installation will become the key. Central enterprises, especially thermal power central enterprises with little historical installation, will become the Stranglers of the market. The only way out for private enterprises is Services - development, operation and maintenance, EPC, collection of distributed electricity charges and other services. Of course, you can also comfort yourself with technology

IV. all reserved photovoltaic parity projects will first bid to draw experimental characteristic curves to subsidize the excitement of power stations. 200 MW, or even 500 MW single ground power stations will be seen in the bidding sequence

v. distributed competes with the ground, and when they are rabbits and deer, they will definitely die, because their opponents are elephants and tigers. Every distributed should be an ant or bird, low to the dust, and proud to the sky, so that they can survive

VI. the queuing of household users will inevitably lead to rush installation. Under the background of little room for component decline, within two years, household users will install all the roofs that can be installed in China, and then queue up for subsidies. The channel will sink further, and development and expansion are the key to success or failure. "Kuai" will add a glimpse to the "soil", that is, the "King", the "King" for household use, that is, the bosses who eat black and white in the county

VII. The competition of products will throw away the flashiness and return to the cost of kilowatt hour electricity. High efficiency is a good thing, but high efficiency plus short supply is a bad thing. Low efficiency and low price have living space, high efficiency and low price have living space, high efficiency and high price only have overseas space, and medium efficiency and medium price rely on diligence and eloquence to have imagination

VIII. This is not a positive policy, and certainly not a pessimistic policy. Neutral. However, due to the high enthusiasm of the stock market, neutrality is good. The greater significance lies in the ideas and thoughts of the document. Policymakers and managers are returning policies to the market, although they may be helpless

this policy indicates that this is the 18-year-old of China photovoltaic, which is a rite of passage

in this situation, I can't help thinking of Cui Jian singing in the song "speculator":/p>

friend, give you a chance

try to do things for the first time

just like giving you a girl when you are 18 years old...

key points of the symposium

for the first time, household PV will be listed separately and given a separate scale, and fixed subsidies will be implemented. At the beginning of the year, the National Energy Administration released the total annual installed capacity of household PV supported by national subsidies, and the power company announced the installed capacity of the previous month every month. When the announced installed capacity of the previous month has exceeded the total scale limit, the last day of this month is the deadline for household PV that can enjoy national subsidies this year (that is, household PV has a one month buffer period)

if it is clear that household PV has not been included in the scale of national subsidies after May 31 last year, the 2019 quota can be declared. Photovoltaic projects are subject to classified management. General projects are fully allocated through market competition. To subsidize the rated market size

photovoltaic projects are divided into projects that need state subsidies and projects that do not need state subsidies. Projects that do not need subsidies are organized and implemented by the provinces according to the policy of low price projects. The projects requiring subsidies are divided into five categories: poverty alleviation projects; Household photovoltaic; Ordinary photovoltaic power station (ground power station); Industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic; Leader, UHV channel supporting and other special projects

except for poverty alleviation, household use and previously approved special projects, distributed and ground power stations all use bidding to obtain subsidy indicators. For photovoltaic power generation projects that need state subsidies, in principle, the projects shall be determined by the market mechanism and subsidized bidding shall be implemented in accordance with this notice

according to the division of the resource areas where the project is located, the price quoted on the declaration (in centigrade as the minimum unit) is compared with the decrease in the upper limit of the bidding price in each resource area, and the projects with a large decrease are ranked first, so as to determine the projects included in the scope of subsidies until the total subsidy of the selected projects reaches the limit of shortening the R & D cycle to the total subsidy of the current new projects stipulated by the state

the project scale will no longer be allocated to all localities in the way of "pepper", and the bidding will be organized and declared by the provinces, but it will be sorted uniformly by the state, and the subsidy declaration and bidding will be conducted once a year in principle

the bidding of the project is based on the quarter when it is put into operation, that is, the consolidation point, which makes it difficult to identify and calculate the yield point. If it is not completed for various reasons, it can be postponed for two quarters. At the same time, the electricity price will decline according to the relevant regulations. If it is not completed after two quarters, the subsidy qualification will be cancelled

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