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Japan's photovoltaic power generation market developed rapidly in the third quarter

Japan sharp recently released its third quarter report, each with its own advantages. During the reporting period, the solar cell operating revenue was US $850million and the operating profit was 3.7%. Although this is a relatively flat sales, but also lower than the profit of the previous quarter. However, business sales in the past six months have increased by 80% over the previous year, and profitability has been restored

Japan's photovoltaic market shows a boom in high-end functional plant/participating medical materials in the biomedical field in both residential and industrial fields, and is rapidly shifting to downstream markets. In the solar cell business, sharp will try its best to meet the demand of the booming photovoltaic market in Japan, especially for large-scale solar power generation projects and residential roof power generation projects if conditions permit. At the same time, sharp will strengthen and expand its industrial chain, including system design, construction, power generation and maintenance

the photovoltaic power generation analyst of China's emerging industry pointed out that sharp was the third photovoltaic module manufacturer that reported that Japan's photovoltaic market was developing rapidly in the third quarter, and Kyocera's third quarter report pointed out that the operating profit of the company's ceramic photovoltaic division reached 10%. Zhonghua glass () Department

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