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Be careful! A change in the certification of photovoltaic products surprised "Li Gui" to fall into the pit accidentally...

recently, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) revised CQC "general rules for the certification plan of" leaders "of photovoltaic power generation products" and CQC "certification rules of" leaders "of ground photovoltaic modules"

according to the revised content, this rule improves the rating limit of power generation efficiency of single glass standard photovoltaic modules and double glass photovoltaic modules (including white and non white double glass) used on the ground, and adds the description of outdoor empirical verification scheme of actual power generation and attenuation characteristics of photovoltaic modules

only one week after the certification and version change work was started, Tao Ni, a staff member in charge of product certification of a photovoltaic enterprise in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, received an email with the theme of "notice on updating the rules of photovoltaic module certification certificate", which details the product specifications, models, applicable standards, certificate validity and other information that need to be renewed, The certificate holder is required to submit the application for the new version of the rule certification certificate from the date of the announcement and before the first follow-up inspection after the implementation date, and provide the full scanned copies of the sensor or fixture (copy), organization code certificate and CQC certificate that will be damaged by the enterprise license

there is no agency to sign off, and the sender's information is strange. This email with unknown origin makes taoniton suspicious

the quotation for certificate replacement is unambiguous

according to the email information received by taoni, I dialed "project engineer Wang Jing" at the signing office. The other party said in the letter: "your company's original level 2 double glass single crystal components now need to change the version of the certificate. The standard of level 2 products has been changed and need to be retested. After providing the information according to the email requirements, we will issue a new test report in the week. After passing the test, we can get a new certificate soon."

when asked about the cost, Wang Jing, who claimed to be the project engineer of the Certification Department, gave a clear quotation: the testing cost is one third of the conventional testing in previous years, and the specific amount should be determined separately according to the number of components submitted for inspection. The replacement fee is 1000 yuan for each certificate, and taoni's company has a total of 9. But 920. After this nameplate is made of ceramic material, it appears that it is much scratch resistant. The certificate needs to be replaced, and the replacement fee is 9000 yuan

as for the process of replacing certificates, Wang Jing also stressed that at present, enterprises can directly scan the original certificate and send it to the designated mailbox, "if you get the new certificate, you need to mail the original of the old certificate back to Beijing". In addition to changing the version of the certificate, Wang Jing said that the organization can also carry out the testing, certification and certificate issuance of new products

when asked about the need for certification of new products, the other party said that if the enterprise had not previously done the "leader" certification of related products, they could arrange testing and certification. "In the testing process, you can find the laboratory to issue a report by yourself. If the report is qualified, you can apply for the certificate. We can also help arrange the testing in Beijing." For products such as brackets and backboards, CQC certificate can also be issued, "but this certificate is only CQC certificate, not a 'leader' certificate"

"intimate intermediary"

can not only change certificates, but also apply for new certificates. Enterprises can send for inspection by themselves or help arrange. Who is the organization that provides such "intimate service"? China Energy News went to the office address "C203, Zhongchuan Beiguang cultural media base, Guanzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing" provided by the other party, but it did not find the China Quality Certification Center that issued the certificate version change notice. In fact, it was an organization called "Beijing zhongcognize ICT center" that worked here

in the query results of the "national enterprise credit information publicity system", Beijing Zhongren ICT center was established on June 19, 2015, and has just passed the annual approval on August 15 this year. Its registered address is "0518, floor 5, building 11, No. 1 courtyard, Wuliqiao Second Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing". Its business scope includes technology promotion services, enterprise management consulting, economic and trade consulting and market research

the query results of the national enterprise credit information publicity system

and on the homepage of Beijing Zhongren ICT center, we can see such a business content statement in the "center introduction" section: the center has been approved by the relevant national departments, registered with the National Administration for industry and commerce, and engaged in enterprise product certification, testing, system management consulting and certification services. Relying on its office in Beijing, the center cooperates closely with some certification and testing institutions to help enterprises solve trade barriers and improve management level

home page of Beijing Zhongren ICT center

in this certificate renewal, is Zhongren ICT providing consulting services to enterprises to assist them in handling the certificate renewal? At the China Quality Certification Center located in Beijing Fengtai Science Park, I met Zhang Xue, the business development director of CQC solar energy department. With regard to the statement that "intermediaries assist in changing certificates", Zhang Xue said that CQC itself has a perfect service system, with a total of 11 sub centers across the country, "These branches give full play to their role, and their service capacity is much stronger than other intermediaries. The certificate replacement work will not be carried out through intermediaries, and similar behaviors are also prohibited and severely cracked down by us."

in addition, Zhang Xue stressed that while the certificate was changed, CQC also launched an audit link for the cutting-edge and advanced technology of photovoltaic modules. Open the oil return valve "CQC will organize experts to review the core technology, key equipment and process, mass production capacity, quality assurance means, finished product qualification level and other capabilities of the enterprise. This link will be combined with the 'leader' certificate renewal or new application without charge."

the quality of third-party certification varies

according to the implementation opinions on strengthening the testing and certification of photovoltaic products jointly issued by the national certification and Accreditation Administration and the National Energy Administration in 2014, certification institutions engaged in photovoltaic product certification activities should be approved by the national certification and Accreditation Administration and have the corresponding technical capabilities and professional experience. Laboratories engaged in photovoltaic product certification related testing activities also need to obtain qualification accreditation according to law, And have corresponding technical capabilities. In the inspection and certification of products related to the photovoltaic "leader" program, the state also only provides access standards for certification institutions, and does not designate specific institutions

"not designating specific institutions is also to give full play to the role of the market." Zhang Xue said that the state stipulates several common indicators such as conversion efficiency and attenuation rate, "some other technical indicators should be liberalized to third-party institutions and even enterprises to develop and enrich the market, which is also more conducive to the technological upgrading of the whole industry and better realize the original intention and purpose of 'leader'."

in addition, Zhang Xue also admitted that at present, there are many institutions qualified for photovoltaic "leader" product certification in the market, "The 'leader' certification plan of photovoltaic power generation products developed by CQC has independent intellectual property rights, and has undergone rigorous top-level design in the evaluation index system and management mode. After the implementation of the CQC 'leader' certification plan, other institutions have imitated or plagiarized it, which inevitably misleads the industry, resulting in uneven certification quality. However, with the continuous development and maturity of the certification market, what can survive must be rigorous, standardized An authoritative institution. "

for the replacement of certificates, Zhang Xue told that replacement of certificates is a common practice in the testing and certification industry. "Some technical standards have been upgraded, and the technical details have changed, so there needs to be a change process. For example, in the process of CQC's' leader 'certification, the conversion efficiency of the original level 2 polycrystalline component product is 16.5%, and now it has been increased to 17%. The rating index has been improved, and the certificate needs to be updated, which also guides and encourages enterprises to carry out technical upgrading." Zhang Xue particularly stressed that whether it is certificate renewal or certification of new products, "every evaluation activity requires strict data review, laboratory testing or outdoor empirical verification."

in the face of "Li Gui" rampant in the market, Zhang Xue also joked to: "It is only when someone wears the brand of CQC that the 'leader' certification certificate of China Quality Certification Center has gold content. At present, the certification results of CQC leader have been highly accepted in the 'leader' project of the national energy administration, the local poverty alleviation project and the 'photovoltaic loan' products of some financial institutions. Through the continuous progress and development of the market, it is believed that the service drivers certified in China can generate pulse drive signals after receiving pulse signals The number service and brand will also become more and more influential. " (at the request of the respondent, taoni is an alias in the text)

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