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Photovoltaic power generation tracking control system based on S3C2410 and wince

taking photovoltaic power generation as the research object, this paper introduces a dual axis photovoltaic power generation system based on S3C2410 and wince 6.0. Then you need to inspect the temperature change tracking control system, which uses stepping motor as the actuator to track the horizontal and pitching direction of the sun, Improve the output of photovoltaic power generation: the biggest change using the PLA form is to greatly save travel time builder, complete the customization of the operating system, and use visual s udi0 2005 to complete the development of system applications. The system combines the strong data processing ability of ARM9 with the good real-time, reliability and easy cutting advantages of wince. It has the characteristics of high cost performance, good stability and high reliability

in order to improve the power generation of photovoltaic power generation system, it is necessary to improve the ability of photovoltaic array to absorb solar radiation energy. Usually, the method used in engineering is to install tracking devices for photovoltaic arrays, and the dual axis tracking method is a popular solar tracking system device in and out of the week at present. Therefore, based on the existing research, this paper will adopt the methods of solar trajectory tracking and double axis tracking, take arm as the control core, and stepper motor as the executive part, and realize the all-weather tracking of the sun by controlling the horizontal and pitching directions of the tracking device. The tracking control system not only has practical significance for large-scale photovoltaic power generation, but also plays a positive role in improving and popularizing the use of solar energy. Quilting machine

1 introduction to S3 c2410 for common and reamed holes

s3 c2410 CPU core adopts 16/32-bit arm920 irisc processor designed by arm company. Arm920 implements the MMU (memory management unit J), AMBA (advanced microcontroller bus architecture) bus and the required cache architecture of harvard2 and PP materials for interior parts. The structure has an independent l 6 KB instruction cache and 1 6KB data cache. Each cache is composed of 8 word long lines. In addition, S3C2410 also integrates rich on-chip resources, so developers can reduce peripheral equipment components as much as possible, thus greatly reducing the cost of the whole system and reducing the development cycle

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