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Volvo Construction equipment: see the true chapter for the details of customer experience upgrading

Volvo Construction equipment: see the true chapter for the details of customer experience upgrading

2 because our machine production is to ensure the quality, China Construction Machinery Information

"details determine success or failure", which is widely regarded as the standard market winning proverb, its importance is even more decisive in today's almost red sea construction machinery market. Volvo's customers of construction equipment are distributed in front-line production and transportation sites such as ports, mines and forest farms across the country. Volvo helps customers produce efficiently by continuously launching rich and wide-ranging after-sales services, so as to establish a reliable Volvo customer service brand. However, in today's highly open construction machinery market, the needs of customers have also further improved, and have entered the era of "rapid access to services and meeting personalized needs" from the previous "being able to obtain services and meet basic service needs". At this time, paying attention to service details and providing customized service content has become an important measure to upgrade Volvo's customer service experience

Volvo Construction Equipment's "caring from the heart, professional accompanying" customer experience upgrading activity has been held for three consecutive times nationwide since 2012, and this year launched a customer experience upgrading activity with the theme of "cleaning up Aiji sub-health, saving time and effort and making money". It not only carries out physical examination on the machine, but also based on the actual needs of customers, continuously improves the customer experience through customized solutions, digital technology and innovative service methods, helping customers reduce operating costs and achieve efficient production

among the many featured services, the "24-hour stop service" and "mobile service station" are particularly worth mentioning, which vividly explain Volvo's concept and action of pursuing fine customized services

full stop, worry free

in the east of Liaodong Peninsula and the West Bank of Yalu River Estuary, Dandong port, the international port with the northernmost coastline of China, is located. It has more than 30 productive berths, an annual comprehensive handling capacity of 200 million tons, and has opened bulk cargo, container and passenger routes with more than 90 ports. It is a veritable sea passage in the eastern part of Northeast China

the average daily working capacity of Dandong port is 5~ fatigue testing machine, which is mainly used to test the fatigue performance of metals and their alloy materials under tensile, compressive or tensile and compressive alternating loads at room temperature. It is 70000 tons, equivalent to 60 tons of freight train skins loaded with 40 vehicles per hour. 90% of this huge amount of work is undertaken by Volvo wheel loaders and excavators, the main equipment of Dandong Port Co., Ltd. Among them, ec290blc excavator and ec360blc excavator are mainly responsible for material loading of freight trains and material leveling in carriages. These "long glass fiber PP materials and engineering plastics performance comparison ⑴ Hercules" have a "strong body" and "flexible pace", which can quickly complete the operation tasks in a short time, but also "eat less", which is more fuel-efficient than similar equipment. Lu Dazhong, the project service director of Volvo Construction equipment dealer Liaoning Zhongan Machinery Co., Ltd., said: "Volvo equipment is very suitable for the operation needs of Dandong port in terms of equipment reliability, operation comfort and fuel efficiency."

however, the particularity of port operations determines that all these Volvo "iron men" need to work 24 hours a day; Once there is a work stoppage, it means that a large number of goods are stopped in place, seriously affecting the company's benefits; To achieve 24-hour operation without errors, we need to carry out detailed daily maintenance and inspection

in order to meet such needs, Liaoning Zhongan Machinery Co., Ltd. has carried out "resident service" in Dandong port, where service engineers are stationed to carry out 7x24 hours of uninterrupted equipment maintenance services. Every day, the staff will carry out "physical examination" on the equipment twice, which has basically effectively prevented the hidden dangers of all equipment operation, which has also successfully extended the operation time and service life of the equipment. In Dandong port, some equipment has been used continuously for more than 10 years, and the longest one has even been used for more than 20 years, but they still maintain excellent working conditions

mobile service station is further than "fast"

China Resources Group is the key customer of Zhongnan Huaxing, a Volvo Construction equipment dealer. At present, China Resources Fengkai base has 16 Volvo equipment, including ec360b, ec460b and ec700d, and the corresponding parts and services are in great demand. In order to provide more considerate product support and faster on-site service to China Resources, Volvo and Guangzhou Zhongnan Huaxing have specially customized the "mobile service station" for the special needs of China Resources Cement Fengkai base. In the future, the parts sealed for consignment can be directly put into the container of the service station, which not only improves the brand image, but also makes it easier for customers to store and access parts

on July 28, 2015, "mobile service station" was officially delivered to China Resources Fengkai base. Gong Shensheng, deputy manager of the mine Department of Fengkai base, said, "Volvo Zhongnan Huaxing has customized services with different thermal insulation materials and different properties, which provide us with maximum convenience. I highly recognize Volvo's high-quality service."

Wei Ming, the head of the maintenance section, participated in the warehouse handover ceremony and said on the spot: "we have been cooperating with Zhongnan Huaxing for so many years, and we have been very reassured about the accessories and services they provide. The 'mobile service station' provided to us this time can provide more timely supply of accessories. When there is a problem with the machine, the service personnel can also respond more quickly."

now, after years of development, countless customers, such as Dalian port general cargo terminal and China Resources Group, have received detailed and customized service guarantees for Volvo Construction equipment. Service is not a task, but a negative attitude and concept towards customers. Since entering the Chinese market, Volvo Construction equipment has continued to upgrade its customer experience, meet every need with professional and detailed services, and protect every trust with

Wang Yefeng, vice president of Volvo Construction Equipment China Post Market and customer support department, said: "Moving customers through details and truly bringing value to customers through flexible customized service solutions is not only an important measure for Volvo Construction equipment to improve customer service experience, but also an important service innovation for us to achieve sustainable development as a construction machinery enterprise. We will continue to work with dealer partners to create value for customers and industry development."

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