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Jianglu company lean management implementation see actual effect 2014 strive to be strong

Jianglu company lean management implementation see actual effect 2014 strive to be strong

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Guide: in 2013, China ordnance industry group Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd. closely focused on lean production, fine management, rationalization suggestions, management improvement, system construction The construction of internal control system recognizes that in the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment, it really performs its duties, takes the initiative, develops and innovates, and has a variety of highlights, which makes the lean management of Jianglu company come true

in 2013, Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd. of China ordnance industry group closely focused on lean production, fine management, rationalization suggestions, management improvement, system construction, internal control system construction, conscientiously performed its duties, took the initiative, developed and innovated, and presented bright spots, which made Jianglu's lean management implemented and achieved results

I. abide by responsibilities and fully complete work tasks

1 The whole value chain systematized lean management concept has gradually entered the hearts of the people. Six issues of more than 500 copies of "ordnance lean" were distributed throughout the year for all units to learn; 20 excellent grass-roots team leaders and technicians were selected to participate in the lean team leader training of the group company, wrote the training experience, and conducted internal transfer training; Organize more than 100 middle-level cadres, technicians and team leaders of production units to visit the benchmarking unit; We have organized 14 lean knowledge competitions and various trainings, and trained more than 1200 employees. The whole value chain systematic lean management concept has gradually become popular

2. The construction of lean production demonstration lines has been comprehensively promoted. In the whole year, lean demonstration areas were expanded from 2 to 7 units, 6 lean production (line) demonstration areas were built, and lean improvement research was carried out on 5 production lines, covering important processes such as machining, assembly, casting and the main products of current finished vehicles/complete machines. A number of production gaps were broken through, and key components initially achieved just in time production, improving production efficiency

3. The systematic and fine management of the whole value chain has made remarkable achievements. Throughout the year, 71 fine management improvement projects were organized and implemented, and 12 lean index system evaluations including "people, finance, materials, production, industry, marketing, science, industry, management, quality, safety and environment" were implemented on a pilot basis. Fine management and management improvement activities achieved a total value of 42.1948 million yuan

4. New achievements have been made in rationalization proposals. By the end of November, 5731 rationalization suggestions had been received, the employee participation rate was 81%, 3352 were adopted, the adoption rate was 63%, 3018 were implemented, and the implementation rate was 90%. The cumulative value savings were 10.83 million yuan, and all indicators were significantly improved over the same period last year

5. The management improvement activities are progressing steadily. Conscientiously implement the work requirements of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the group company for "four determinations and four implementation", submit the management improvement work plan (optimized version), transfer the stage on schedule, submit the work summary of the second stage and the work plan of the third stage of management improvement, and regularly submit the work summary every month; At the same time, in response to the improvement suggestions put forward by the group's grass-roots management diagnosis expert group, a special meeting was organized to carefully analyze the causes of the problems, formulate corresponding rectification measures, prepare the improvement and improvement work plan and implementation plan, and clarify the specific requirements of the unit's objectives and tasks, rectification contents, time nodes, acceptance standards, implementation effects, etc. the implementation was organized step by step and orderly, and the improvement effect was remarkable

6. Strengthen the top-level design and improve the system day by day. The institutional system is organically integrated with the internal control system and lean management, and the institutional system construction is constantly improved based on the sorting of institutional processes and the diagnosis of internal control defects. This year, a total of 46 systems were revised, 60 systems were newly established, and 7 business processes (OA workflow) were launched. There are 22 first-class business processes, 63 second-class processes and 223 third-class processes

7. The construction of the company's internal control system has achieved phased results. Relying on its own strength, it completed the self-examination and diagnosis of internal control, and submitted the self-examination and diagnosis report of the company; Coordinate with relevant departments of internal control construction to jointly complete the preparation of the company's internal control manual (first draft); Vigorously promote the self selected action of implementing internal control measures (OA workflow online operation), and 7 OA workflows are officially online operation; Carried out the preliminary evaluation of the effectiveness test of the internal control manual design in four business areas; The evaluation of the company's internal control began; Complete the construction requirements of the group company as planned and achieve phased results. When the leaders of the internal control office of the group company came to the company to inspect and guide the work from September 10 to 11, they were highly praised

II. Pay attention to innovation and promote lean management in an orderly manner

1 The systematic lean management of the whole value chain has yielded fruitful results. In the past year, through organizing lean production, fine management, rationalization suggestions, and management improvement activities, the value saved and created has been 42.1948 million yuan, more than double that of the same period last year

2. The "two combinations" of lean management improvement activities are strong. First, the joint participation and combination of leaders and employees is strong. Most improvement activities are proposed by employees, and the unit leaders actively study and design schemes; Or leaders find problems and study improvement plans with employees. The second is that the main responsible unit of the improvement activities and the cooperation unit are jointly implemented, and the combination is strong. The technical department and the production unit, and the functional department and the functional department work together to study the improvement plan on the problem. The compilation of lean management innovation achievements was highly praised by the spot inspection expert group, in which the leaders took the initiative to participate in the improvement of the model articles and cases, as one of the highlights of the company's lean management, was approved by experts

3. Innovative application of lean management. First, the lean management improvement activities of all units are managed in the form of projects, which are included in the operation book to conduct strict dynamic assessment on the corresponding process nodes; Second, improve the lean management evaluation system and quantify the evaluation ranking. Based on the principle of "monthly accumulation, dynamic assessment, flexible evaluation and total score ranking", the work situation of each unit is quantitatively scored from six dimensions: lean organization management, lean basic management, lean project management, team construction, lean improvement results, characteristics and innovation. About 20% of the companies are producing PLA related plastic materials, The scoring and ranking results are an important basis for the daily lean management assessment and annual evaluation of each unit; Third, the standardization of lean management meetings and processes; Fourth, establish a lean workshop demonstration unit. Determine the forging company as the pilot unit of lean workshop, jointly plan to establish the index management system of lean workshop, and try to focus on people, finance and materials; Production, supply and marketing; Department, industry and management; The establishment of management assessment index system and relevant standards in 12 aspects of quality, safety and environment has been improved through implementation; Fifth, the standardization of lean management. Lean management related systems are improved from general methods to standards and specifications, and are compiled with visual tools such as pictures, tables, schematics, etc. to form corresponding management technical documents

4. We have cultivated and trained a number of key internal control talents for the company. By organizing, guiding and coordinating the business backbones of all departments to prepare the company's "internal control manual on the re acceptance and acceptance of resources with high potential to be developed" and the publicity and implementation training of the internal control manual, the company has not only saved more than 600000 yuan, which is usually divided into upper space and lower space expenses. More importantly, compared with the internal control manual prepared by external intermediaries, it is closer to the actual situation of the company, From the results of the four specific business tests selected in the initial walk through test, the effectiveness of the design and operation is 100%. At the same time, a number of internal control backbone talents have been trained and trained for the company, and the middle-level cadres and business backbones of the company have improved their awareness of the construction of the company's internal control system

5. Explore the way of enterprise management innovation, and make new breakthroughs in innovative achievements. In 2013, the company won the advanced unit of innovative achievements in the modernization of enterprise management in Hunan Province. The construction and practice of lean management system and the construction of "one specialty and multiple abilities" high skilled talent training mode jointly written and applied by the Department and other units won the second prize of innovative achievements in the modernization of enterprise management in Hunan Province, and the exploration and practice of team construction in state-owned enterprises won the third prize of innovative achievements in the modernization of enterprise management in Hunan Province, It is the first time in the history of the company that it has won three awards for the innovative achievements of provincial enterprise management modernization at the same time

III. 2014 lean management work plan

1 Continue to strengthen the publicity and implementation of systematic lean management in the whole value chain, create a lean management atmosphere for all employees, and preliminarily establish the company's lean management talent system. It is planned to hold 3 training courses and train 500 employees

2. Strengthen top-level design, initially establish a lean management system, improve the company's lean management index system and decompose it level by level

3. Increase the promotion of the construction achievements of the lean demonstration area, and form the enterprise Lean culture with Jianglu characteristics. Continuously improve the established lean production demonstration line; Organize secondary units to find their own management weaknesses, set improvement goals, and implement targeted lean improvement projects

4. Optimize the company's general assembly process and operation site. Improve the WIP management and fixed position management in the general assembly workshop, optimize each process before the general assembly by improving the process and the application of lean tools, and prepare the corresponding process operation instructions and other technical documents

5. Continue to do a good job in rationalization suggestions, actively promote the working mode of "two-level review and three-level management", and comprehensively implement the OA reporting process of rationalization suggestions in departments with conditions

6. Track, guide and complete the implementation and achievement solidification of at least ten "golden ideas", summarize excellent and typical cases, and complete the compilation of lean management innovation achievements (II) according to the two main lines of equipment independent maintenance and production line construction and reform

7. Continue to promote TPM management, improve the company's TPM management system and process forms, and promote them to all military production units of the company

8. Improve the KPI index system of team lean management, promote the management Kanban mode of lean demonstration area, and supervise and assess the implementation of team garden management kanban

9. Complete the establishment of the 2014 management system, prepare the company's annual system construction plan and organize its implementation; Organize the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the company's system; Complete the compilation of management system

10. According to the step-by-step construction requirements of the group company, nine business control specifications including "safety, health and environmental protection, corporate culture, guarantee business, asset management" in the company's internal control manual were added; Revise and improve the company's internal control manual in view of the problems found in the trial operation, such as non-standard, inconsistent with the actual situation, and weak operability

11. According to the requirements of SASAC, complete the summary, evaluation and acceptance of management improvement activities

12. According to the requirements of provinces, cities, China Ordnance Industry Enterprise Association and group companies, organize to write and declare the innovative achievements of enterprise management modernization, and strive to win a provincial and ministerial first prize

a new year has come. Jianglu company has formulated a new plan to play a greater role in the year when Jianglu company fully implements the "12th Five Year Plan" on the basis of consolidating the achievements of lean management in 2013

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