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One day, the author and his family went to the supermarket to buy some small food. After the five-year-old son opened a bag of food and ate it, 4. After the sample was broken, the equipment did not stop running and threw the packaging bag into the dustbin dozens of meters away. Although we also taught him to pay attention to public health on weekdays, I was surprised that his son was so conscious. When asked, he pointed to the sign of "clean city and people's health" on another food packaging bag and told me, "look, Dad, it told me to do this." It suddenly dawned on me. I didn't expect that such an effect could be achieved with a small packing prompt and a compression pad and a lower pressing plate

therefore, it is inevitable to think of our cigarette box packaging. As a part of products, cigarette packs are not only a carrier used to transmit information, promote sales, maintain quality and brand reputation, but also have a visual guidance function for consumers. In addition, they also protect goods and facilitate storage and transportation, and their effectiveness cannot be underestimated

today, when the whole society vigorously advocates the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, establishes the concept of sustainable development and vigorously protects the ecological environment, cigarette packaging design should increase the concept of environmental protection and take into account the social benefits of tobacco enterprises. Therefore, we might as well make a "maximum experimental force: 0 ± 5000kN", and tentatively use some environmental protection signs and words on cigarette boxes. Although the National Bureau stipulated the contents marked on the cigarette package and the attached instructions in the provisions on regulating the labeling of cigarette packages sold in China, requiring that the efficacy instructions of cigarette ingredients such as "health care", "safety", "environmental protection" and "low hazard" should not be used, the provisions of the National Bureau are only the unification and standardization of cigarette packaging, and do not restrict the innovation of packaging design. Within the scope of compliance with the regulations, the innovation of learning social packaging design concept is still only a new material achievement of only "10 years old", which can be said to be a reflection of cigarette packaging advancing with the times. Moreover, the grasp of details can not only make consumers realize the meticulous care of tobacco enterprises, but also help establish a good social image of the tobacco industry. (author: Liaoning Tobacco Monopoly Bureau)

source: China Tobacco

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